Roller Shade Controller T1S


Why is the Up and Down control of the curtain reversed?

Depending on the installation location, the default control direction might be reversed. To fix this, press and hold the Stop button for 5 seconds until the blue indicator light turns on, then release. The motor will move forward and backward once, indicating the direction has been successfully reversed.

Why can't the hub add the device successfully?

1. Through the app, update the firmware version of the hub to the latest version and then try again.
2. Place the device closer to the hub and try again.

Why can't the route be set after pressing the stop button 5 times continuously?

1. Quickly press the button 5 times in succession to set the route successfully.
2. Delete the existing route and then try again.

What do the route settings do?

1. When the highest and lowest points are successfully set, a complete route is established. The curtain will stop automatically when it reaches the highest or lowest point.
2. Once the route is set successfully, you can use the location percentage function in the app.

Why is the wire of the control box so short?

The control box is not intended to be a remote but is used for settings and emergency situations. If needed, you can configure additional devices such as wireless switches for more convenient interaction.

Why does the button on the control box need to be long-pressed to run the device?

If the device is not connected to the network, the button on the control box needs to be long-pressed to run the device. Once the device is connected to the network, you can click the button to run it.

How to reset the device?

Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the blue indicator light turns on, then release. The blue indicator light will continue to flash, and you can then reconnect the device.

Why does the product name show as Roller Shade Controller T1 instead of Roller Shade Controller T1S in the app?

In the app, the access port for Roller Shade Controller T1 is compatible with several types of roller shade controllers, including Roller Shade Controller T1S.

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