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TVOC Air Quality Monitor
TVOC Air Quality Monitor
Press the reset button of the Motion Sensor. If the hub sounds the voice prompt "Connection is normal" or "beep", it means that the communication between the sensor and the hub is normal; if there is no voice prompt, please try to connect the sensor to the hub again; if there is still no voice prompt, the battery of the sensor may be dead, and please replace the battery and try again.
1. The device may be too far away from the hub. Please move the sensor closer to the hub and add the device again.
2. Make sure the hub has connected to the network."
1. The device is too far away from the hub;
2. The battery is low or dead;
3. The sensor is installed on a metal surface and the signal is disturbed."
Long press the reset button of the device for 5 seconds, the indicator light flashes 3 times, and then the factory settings are restored.
At the moment, the sensor is being initialized, and the value is temporarily not displayed until the data is stable and reliable. This period of time lasts about one to two minutes.
To reduce power consumption, the display will update only when the data changes.
Double clicking the button can switch the interface.
When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the screen display may not work well. When the temperature is higher than -20 ℃, the data can be collected and reported normally.
This is determined by the characteristics of the e-ink screen, and the screen flickering may occur several times when it is refreshed, which is normal.
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TVOC Air Quality Monitor
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