Wireless Mini Switch T1


What actions does this Aqara Wireless Mini Switch support?

It supports single-click, double-click, and long press. It can control other smart accessories with different actions.

Installation location for Aqara Wireless Mini Switch and precautions.

The Aqara Wireless Mini Switch can either be attached to the wall or placed on a table. Installation on a metal door is not recommended because metal surfaces affect the signal. When being used as a doorbell, the wireless switch can be installed on the wall next to a metal door. (Please refer to the quick start guide for more details)

What is the maximum installation distance between the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch and the Aqara Hub?

The indoor environment varies, and maximum signal strength between the Aqara Hub and the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch is different. There should not be more than two walls in between.

Why does the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch fail to connect? How to reconnect?

Possible reasons:
1. Operation error. Please add the accessory according to Add Accessory method again.
2. The accessory is too far away from the Aqara Hub. Please move the accessory closer to the Aqara Hub.
3. There are more than 32 accessories under this Aqara Hub.

Why is the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch offline often?

Possible reasons:
1. The accessory is too far away from the Hub, please try to install the accessory closer to the Hub.
2. Low battery or dead battery. Please replace the battery.
3. The accessory is installed on the metal surface and the signal is interfered. Please avoid metal surface.

How to identify if the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch works properly?

① Click the reset button of the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch. If the Aqara Hub makes voice prompts, "Normal link confirmed", it indicates that the Aqara Hub and the Wireless Mini Switch communicates properly. Go to ②; If there is no voice prompt, please move the sensor closer to the Aqara Hub and try again. If there is still no voice prompt, the sensor might be deleted or run out of battery. Please refer to the accessory adding methods to add the accessory or replace the battery.
②Single-click/double-click/long press the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch several times, enter the homepage of the Wireless Mini Switch in app. If the status is changed, it indicates the accessory works properly.

How do I reset the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch? Under what circumstances need to reset?

1. Press the reset button on the accessory for 3 seconds. The indicator will flash 3 times before resetting to factory defaults.
2. If a connected sensor needs to be connected to another Hub, it has to be reset first.

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