Smart Lock D200i


What are the standard features of the Smart Lock D200i?

The standard features of the Smart Lock D200i include:
Front panel, rear panel, lock body, mechanical lock cylinder, emergency key × 2, strike plate, accessory kit, lithium battery × 2, installation opening diagram, and the User Manual

What is the material of the Smart Lock D200i?

The touch panel of the Smart Lock D200i is made of IML, which has good transparency; the rest is made of aluminum alloy with high hardness;

What kind of lock body is used in Smart Lock D200i?

The Smart Lock D200i uses an electronic lock body with detection switches on both spring bolts to detect their status.

What kind of lock cylinder is used in Smart Lock D200i?

A: The Smart Lock D200i uses a true insert core and Class C mechanical lock cylinder.

What are the advantages of real insert cores over fake insert cores?

The lock cylinder of the real insert core is embedded inside the lock body, compared to the false insert core, its structural design is more complex. Even if the front panel is damaged or disassembled, a mechanical key is still required to open it, which improves the security of the door lock.

How to manage the Smart Lock D200i locally through the physical button on the door lock?

Firstly, add a door lock through the Aqara Home app and enter the door lock admin's password and face according to the prompts.
Press the "Set" button below the battery compartment on the rear panel of the door lock to verify the admin password and then enter the management mode. Complete the corresponding settings according to the voice prompts of the door lock.

How to reset the Smart Lock D200i?

Open the battery cover behind the door lock; Press and hold the Reset button below the battery compartment for more than 3 s; Follow the prompts to verify the admin identity and then the door lock can be reset.

Can the Smart Lock D200i detect the status of the door?

With full spring bolt status detection, the Smart Lock D200i is able to determine the various states of the door lock. The Aqara Home app can display all door lock error states, including doors unlatched, doors unclosed, and spring bolts that are not fully extended/retracted.

Which types of doors is the Smart Lock D200i suitable for?

The lock cylinder of Smart Lock D200i is suitable for most wooden doors, metal doors, steel and wooden doors with a thickness ranging from 40 mm to 80 mm on the market. If your door thickness is 80 mm ~ 120 mm, please ask your local dealer for a longer lock cylinder.

Does the Smart Lock D200i distinguish the direction of the door opening?

No, it cannot distinguish. The Smart Lock D200i supports left outward opening, right outward opening, left inner opening, and right inner opening.

Does the Smart Lock D200i support an overlord lock body?

No, the Smart Lock D200i does not support overlord lock body at present. But it can be modified with the overlord lock body face plate on the basis of the standard lock body.

Does the Smart Lock D200i support "heaven and earth hooks"?

No. The original "heaven and earth hooks" on the door need to be removed if using this product.

Is the Smart Lock D200i waterproof and can it be used outdoors?

No. The Smart Lock D200i is not waterproof. It supports indoor use only.

What is the normal operating temperature and humidity range of the Smart Lock D200i?

The normal operating temperature is -10°C ~ 55°C and humidity is 0 ~ 93% RH. If the temperature and humidity exceed the above range, the normal use of the door lock may be affected.

How to power the Smart Lock D200i?

The Smart Lock D200i is powered by a 5000 mAh lithium battery, and there are 2 lithium batteries as standard features.

What is the power endurance time of the Smart Lock D200i?

Theoretically, the endurance time of the door lock is 4 months, and the actual time varies with the number of times in and out of the door, please be subject to the actual situation; *The endurance time is calculated by Lumi Lab in the original lithium battery, based on the power consumption model of 15 times/day in-out of the door (including 15 times face recognition). The endurance time is for reference only;

How often is it most appropriate to charge the lithium battery of the Smart Lock D200i?

When the power is lower than 20%, the door lock will make a tip sound and send an alarm to the app. It is recommended that you charge it in time after receiving the reminder.

What should we do when the Smart Lock D200i runs out of battery?

① Unlock it with the emergency key outside the door.
② Supply power through the TYPE-C emergency power supply interface located at the bottom of the outer panel of the door lock outside the door.
③ Remove the lithium battery and charge it using the TYPE-C charging wire inside the door.

Will the Smart Lock D200i be opened by Tesla Coil?

Smart Lock D200i is fully designed for electromagnetic interference protection and has passed the severe electromagnetic compatibility test, so it cannot be opened by Tesla Coil.
*Tesla Coil is an ultra-high voltage discharge device, whose electromagnetic induction may damage precision electronics in a certain radius, but will not affect the normal operation of the Aqara door lock.

What unlocking methods does the Smart Lock D200i support?

Smart Lock D200i supports 9 unlocking methods:

Password (normal password, one-time password, periodic password)
HomeKit / Siri (Bluetooth, Remote, and Apple Home Key)
Aqara Home (Bluetooth and Remote)
Mechanical Keys

*Aqara Home and HomeKit support Bluetooth proximity unlocking.
*Aqara Home and HomeKit support remote unlocking, but require the appropriate hub in the home.
*It supports Siri control, but requires an Apple Home Hub in the home.

What should we do if the keyboard (password input area) of the Smart Lock D200i is locked due to continuous authentication being false?

The door lock keyboard will lock for 3 min due to consecutive password/face/NFC authentication false. Within 3 min, it can be unlocked by direct control via a mobile app (Aqara Home/HomeKit) and a mechanical key. After 3 min, the authentication function of the door lock keyboard is restored.

Under what circumstances does the Smart Lock D200i require an emergency key?

Use an emergency key to unlock the door when you encounter an emergency situation in case you cannot open the door normally by other means (face/password/phone app/NFC). It is recommended to keep the emergency key as a spare in your car or office.

How many sets of passwords can be entered into the Smart Lock D200i at most?

Up to 75 sets can be set at the same time, including 50 sets of normal passwords and 25 sets of periodic passwords.

How many digits of the password does the Smart Lock D200i support? Does it support dummy passwords?

①It supports passwords with 6 to 10 digits.
②It supports up to a 20-digit dummy password (dummy password: the total digits are within 20, which contains 6-10 digits of unlocking password).
*The dummy password is used to add any number before or after entering the unlock password to prevent you from being spied on by intruders while entering the password.

Does the Aqara Face Recognition Smart Door Lock D200 support one-time passwords?

Yes, it does. The Aqara Home app allows you to generate a one-time password for temporary use.

Does Smart Lock D200i require a hub for a one-time password?

One-time passwords can be generated remotely without the need for a hub, and the passwords take effect immediately after they are generated.

Does the Smart Lock D200i support periodic passwords?

Yes, it does. The periodic password can be set for a specified time period (e.g., 10 AM ~ 2 PM) and a specified period (e.g., every Monday) through the Aqara Home app by connecting the door lock by Bluetooth or remotely (remote connection requires hub support), and such passwords can only open the door lock during the specified time period.

Does the Smart Lock D200i have an anti-test password function?

Yes, it does. When any unlocking methods (including face, password, or NFC) are incorrect 5 times in a row, the door lock will sound and light an alarm, lock the face authentication function, and push an alarm message to the Aqara Home app.

How many faces can be recorded for the Smart Lock D200i at most?

The Smart Lock D200i can record up to 50 faces.

How to record a face for the Smart Lock D200i?

After the Aqara Home app is installed on your phone to add the door lock and connect successfully, add the face according to the app's operation prompt.

What should we do if the Aqara Face Recognition Smart Door Lock D200 prompts an unsuccess when recording a face?

① Make sure to keep your face uncovered when recording faces, such as removing hats, masks, etc.
②Adjust the position of the face during the record according to the voice prompt of the door lock.

Can the Smart Lock D200i be opened by a human attack?

The face recognition of Smart Lock D200i has passed the BCTC security certification of financial payment level, and photos, videos, masks, etc. cannot break its face recognition. Please feel free to use it.

Can children and the elderly use face recognition to unlock the door?

Yes, but at present, the height area identifiable of face recognition is 1.3 ~ 2.0 m, users below 1.3 m or above 2 m cannot be effectively recorded and identified because they are beyond the recognition range, so it is recommended to use other locking methods.

Under what circumstances is face recognition prone to authentication failure?

The face acquired during 3D face recognition (under authentication) requires a high degree of similarity to the face information stored in the door lock (already stored), therefore, if the user has bangs or five features (e.g. eyebrows) obscured such as with a hat, the recognition will fail. Take off hats, masks and other decorations that block facial features when recognizing. If it is really inconvenient to remove, it is recommended to use fingerprints, passwords and other unlocking methods to unlock the door.
If there are bangs, it is recommended to add new admin users to record the face information with and without bangs respectively for easy identification.

Why is face recognition successful in some cases of wearing sunglasses?

The scatter projector used for 3D structured light face recognition is composed of invisible 940 nm infrared light, which can transmit through some sunglasses, therefore some sunglasses are equivalent to transparent lenses for door locks and face recognition can be successful.

Why does family members' face recognition fail occasionally?

Face recognition will fail when the face recognition module is obscured;
Recognition will not be possible if the face is less than 30 cm from the door lock;
Too tall (more than 2 m), short (less than 1.3 m) and too close to the door lock less than half a meter, face recognition will fail. Then you can slightly back up a little to carry out face recognition again.

Why does face recognition not start when I go home?

By default, the ultrasonic motion sensor will hibernate for 15 s when the door is closed, and opened and the last face recognition fails, and the face recognition function can be actively awakened by touching the keyboard.
(Hibernation time can be set on the App, and the default is 15 s, the minimum can be set to 0 s, that is, to turn off the hibernation function of the motion sensor)

What if the door lock opens automatically every time I turn around after leaving the house?

As the face recognition hibernation of Smart Lock D200i can be adjustable (0 s, 5 s, 10 s, 15 s, 30 s), when the hibernation length is set too low, it is easy to produce such a false trigger, the trigger time of face recognition can be adjusted according to the following path:
Aqara Home app - go to "door lock" - top right corner ----- face unlock - set hibernation time to 30 s - done

How long will the Smart Lock D200i automatically lock after the face lock recognition and no door opening action?

In the absence of door opening action, it will automatically lock after 7 s.

Does the Smart Lock D200i support double authentication?

Smart Lock D200i does not support double authentication

How to avoid pinching hands by the door?

This product is a sliding lock, so the handle does not distinguish between left and right. To prevent pinching, users need to hold the side away from the door frame when opening the door (left hand for the left door, right hand for the right door, or hold the upper part of the handle), and there are prompts on the top of the handle protection film to prevent pinching.

What are the locking methods of the Smart Lock D200i?

After closing the door, the Smart Lock D200i will lock automatically.

What is the anti-trailing function of the Smart Lock D200i?

For many traditional electronic locks of other brands, after unlocking the closed door, it generally takes 5 to 10 s before the latch bolt will re-lock, during which the intruder can open the door again by pressing down on the handle, there is a security risk. The system of Smart Lock D200i automatically locks the door as soon as it is detected as closed, preventing intruders from pushing/pulling the door to unlock it again as well as trailing.

What types of wireless connection protocols does the Smart Lock D200i support?

It supports Bluetooth 5.1 and ZigBee.

Why does the Smart Lock D200i use Bluetooth 5.1?

Bluetooth 5.1 protocol helps to improve the speed of Bluetooth connection, enhance the stability of the connection, and consume less power.

Does the Smart Lock D200i support connect multiple phones at the same time?

Bluetooth usually connects in a one-to-one way, so the Smart Lock D200i only supports connecting one phone at a time.

How does the Smart Lock D200i achieve Bluetooth (proximity) unlocking through the mobile app?

① Download the Aqara Home app on your phone, after you add the door lock successfully, go to the home page of the door lock and press the unlock icon to unlock the door.
② After you successfully add a door lock through the Aqara Home app, you can also add a door lock and unlock it with Bluetooth in the HomeKit app.

Does Smart Lock D200i support mobile app remote unlocking?

① Aqara Home app: Unlock the door remotely by clicking the button in the app. It is required for the door lock to stay connected to the Aqara series hub in your home.
② HomeKit app: Remote unlocking by clicking the button in the app or Siri voice control. It is required for the door lock to stay connected to the Apple Home Hub (HomePod/iPad/Apple TV) in your home.

Can the Smart Lock D200i be unlocked by voice operation?

① Aqara Home app: does not support voice operation to open the lock.
② HomeKit app: supports Siri operation to open the lock. In proximity, it requires Apple devices to turn on Bluetooth and the Internet; in remote, it requires Apple devices to connect to the Internet, door locks, and Apple Home Hub (HomePod/iPad/Apple TV) at home.

Under what circumstances will the Smart Lock D200i provide an alarm?

The Smart Lock D200i will trigger mobile and local alarms when: door unlatched (settable), door left open (settable), door lock pried, low battery, abnormal door lock, multiple authentication failures, indoor/mechanical key opening in leaving-home mode.

What is the administrator account of Smart Lock D200i and how to set it?

The account set by the Aqara Home app when adding a door lock for the first time defaults to the administrator account, and the administrator can access the local settings.
Additional administrator accounts can be added by adding accounts to the door lock in the Aqara Home app

What other types of account access does the the Smart Lock D200i have?

In the Aqara Home app, there are general users in addition to administrators. Access for general users is only supported for daily unlocking functions.

What are the restrictions on the number and type of accounts set for the Smart Lock D200i?

Up to 50 accounts are supported: Up to 50 administrator accounts, or 49 general user accounts and 1 administrator account.

How to add Apple Home Key?

Firstly, iPhone iOS 15 and above or Apple Watch OS 8 and above is required for your device. After adding the Smart Lock D200i to the HomeKit app (Apple's home app), the Apple Home Key virtual access card will be created automatically in Apple Wallet; if you are also using an Apple Watch, the access card will be created in the Watch's Wallet app.

How to use Apple Home Key?

Apple Home Key is a virtual access card based on Apple's NFC technology and supports both standard and express modes.
Standard mode: Open Apple Wallet, select the access card, and bring your iPhone/Watch close to the NFC recognition area of the Smartphone lock to complete the recognition and unlocking.
Quick Mode: The HomeKit app proactively prompts users to indicate whether they need to set their access cards for quick use. Users can activate Quick Mode after verifying their Face ID or password. In this mode, the user does not need to unlock the iPhone/Watch, and can unlock the device directly by placing it near the NFC recognition area of the smart lock.

How to share Apple Home Key?

Users can invite other Apple users to join their families. After the invitee joins, an access card will be automatically created in the invitee's wallet.

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