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How to bind camera E1 to the network?

Camera E1 supports two methods of binding to the network: ① Bluetooth network connection: automatically retrieve the device through Bluetooth through the Aqara Home app and follow the app’s instructions to scan the Magicpair QR code sticker on the device body or the manual for network binding; ② QR code access to the network: Use the camera to scan the QR code generated by the Aqara Home app for network binding.

What are the special requirements for the power adapter when using camera E1?

The power supply standard of camera E1 is DC5V2A, which needs to be strictly adhered to, otherwise the camera will cause device abnormalities (such as camera restart, unstable Wi-Fi connection, etc.) due to insufficient power supply.

How can I tell the difference between the HomeKit sticker and the Aqara Magicpair sticker on the E1 camera body?

Visually inspect the power interface. The sticker on the left side of the power interface is the HomeKit sticker, and the sticker on the right side of the power interface is the Aqara Magicpair sticker (the Aqara Magicpair sticker has the Aqara logo printed on it).

When adding camera E1, why is there no device pop-up window when I open the Aqara Home App on my phone?

The function of Magicpair relies on Bluetooth. If you want to actively discover and add devices through Aqara Home, you need to enable Aqara Home’s Bluetooth usage permissions and enable Bluetooth on your phone.

The HomeKit sticker on my camera E1 was accidentally worn or the sticker information can no longer be viewed. There is no way to scan the code or see the HomeKit sticker information clearly. Is there any way to bind HomeKit?

Camera E1 supports reading the HomeKit information of the device through the cloud. Open the Aqara Home App, and in the HomeKit section of the camera E1 setting interface, you can read the HomeKit QR code information or directly connect to HomeKit with one click.

Can camera E1 be used outdoors?

Camera E1 is not waterproof and cannot be used in outdoor scenes.

Can camera E1 be connected to 5G Wi-Fi?

Camera E1 only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

How to implement the privacy protection function of camera E1?

Camera E1 has three methods to achieve privacy protection: ① Set the camera to sleep, at which time the camera will completely disconnect the video recording unless the user actively wakes up the camera; ② Set the camera privacy privacy masking zone function, at this time there will be a pure Black color blocks are superimposed to protect local privacy; ③ Turn on the privacy mode and customize the PTZ position when the camera is sleeping. At this time, the camera will rotate to the designated position when sleeping to protect user privacy.

Why is the camera overexposed or the picture blurred when observing the lights in the room when it is used normally?

Please check whether the camera lens is dirty. Fingerprints and other dirt will have a great impact on the performance of the camera. Please make sure there is no dirt on the surface of the lens when using it.

Can camera E1 be installed on the ceiling?

Yes, you can use expansion screws to fix the base of the camera to the ceiling, and then fix the camera to the base.

Can other Aqara Zigbee child device be added to camera E1?

No, camera E1 does not have a hub function and cannot add other Zigbee child device of Aqara, but it can still support Aqara's automation linkage.

If the router is disconnected from the Internet, can camera E1 automation the local LAN?

Yes, but camera E1 can only achieve automation linkage with other Aqara hub and child device under the same LAN route. If other hub and child device are not under the same wireless LAN as camera E1, the automation will not take effect.

Why is the time-lapse photography function of camera E1 turned on, but no time-lapse photography short video is generated?

Time-lapse photography will compress the video within the specified time period into a short video. However, if there is sleep, power outage, etc. within the specified time period, the time-lapse photography function will be interrupted and cannot be executed successfully. In addition, network lag, packet loss, etc. will also affect the time-lapse photography function. Please ensure that the network at home is smooth and turn off hibernation.

How to restore factory settings when camera E1 is abnormal?

There are two ways to restore factory settings for camera E1: ① Click Restore Factory Settings on the device's settings page on the app; ② Quickly press the button next to the device's power interface 10 times to restore factory settings.

How to use the NAS function of camera E1?

To use the NAS function of camera E1, you need to insert the Micro SD card into camera E1 in advance. Only then can you see the NAS storage function in the SD card storage interface.

How to fix camera E1 on the base accessory?

Open the camera E1 packaging box, and there is a schematic diagram of the installation of the camera E1 base accessories on the top of the inner support. When installing, first place the camera's indicator light on the same vertical line as the "▲" on the base, then align the camera's base fixing groove with the raised part of the base and insert it, and finally push the camera base forward until you hear a "click" The fixation is completed. At this time, the "▲" on the base is exactly aligned with the indicator light of the camera.

Where is the Micro SD card slot of camera E1?

Turn up the lens assembly of camera E1, and you can see that the Micro SD card slot is under the lens of camera E1.

Why does the position of my camera gimbal always feel inaccurate?

Manually pulling and rotating the camera's gimbal multiple times will cause deviations in the camera's gimbal position. The correct way to handle this is to find the gimbal settings on the device settings page on the Aqara Home app and click gimbal calibration. At this time, the camera cloud The stage will self-check the rotation and calibrate the deviation. It is recommended that if you manually rotate the pan/tilt, you should calibrate the camera pan/tilt in time to avoid long-term deviations from causing damage to the camera motor.

How to change the Wi-Fi the camera is connected to?

In the "Device Settings - Network Information" interface, click Change Wi-Fi to replace the Wi-Fi currently connected to the device with a new Wi-Fi.

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