Vibration Sensor


What can the Aqara Vibration Sensor do?

The Aqara Vibration Sensor can detect vibration, tilt, and drop.

Can the Aqara Vibration Sensor be used independently? Will it play an alarm when vibrations are detected?

No, an Aqara Hub is required. When vibration is detected, it will trigger the hub to play an alarm. An alert notification will be sent to the phone or interact with other smart accessories via automation.

Why is "vibration detected" event not triggered sometimes when vibration is detected?

The "vibration detected" event is triggered once a minute. If the event has been triggered, then it will not be triggered for the next minute. If the vibration persists, the event will be triggered again a minute later.

How do I change the battery of the Aqara Vibration Sensor?

1. Use a coin to to rotate the battery cover counter clockwise until the cover loosens.
2. Remove the existing battery. Place the new CR2032 battery in the battery compartment and make sure that the positive side of the battery faces upwards.
3. Align the battery cover with the bottom of the Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Use a coin to rotate the battery cover clockwise until you hear a click. The battery cover is successfully replaced.

How can I determine if the Aqara Vibration Sensor will work at the desired location?

After binding the Aqara Vibration Sensor to the hub, single press the reset button on the Vibration Sensor at your desired location before installing. If you hear the hub prompt "normal link confirmed", then the location is suitable for installation. If you do not hear a voice prompt, move the Aqara Vibration Sensor closer to the hub and try again.

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