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How can I identify if the Aqara Motion Sensor works properly?

Press the reset button. If the hub voice prompts, "Normal link confirmed", it indicates that the hub and the Aqara Motion Sensor are communicating properly. If there is no voice prompt, please move the sensor closer to the hub and try again. If there is still no voice prompt, the sensor might be deleted, or its battery may have run down. Please refer to the user manual for instructions to add the device or replace the battery.
You can test the Aqara Motion Sensor by putting your hand in front of the lens and check the device records (log). The sensor is working properly if the corresponding event has been updated in the log.

What if I could not connect the Aqara Motion Sensor to the app?

1. Check to see if the hub's firmware version is up to date.
2. Check if the hub is already in the pairing mode.
3. Check if the sensor is reset successfully, and the LED indicator is blinking as expected.
4. Keep the sensor as close as possible to the hub and keep trying.
5. Try with another child device to see if there is something wrong with the sensor itself.
6. Try with another hub and see if there is something wrong with the previous hub.
7. Please be aware that we can add no more than 32 child devices to a hub at the same time.

Why does the Aqara Motion Sensor sometimes go offline?

Possible reasons:
1. The accessory is too far from the hub. Please install it closer to the hub.
2. The battery is dead. Please replace the battery.
3. The accessory has been installed on metal and the signal has been interfered with. The accessory should be installed away from metal.

Where should the Aqara Motion Sensor be installed and how do I install it?

1. Install in the area that needs to detect motion, such as the living room or bedroom (during installation, please refer to the detection range in the quick start guide).
2. A coffee table, shoe cabinet or desk surface can be used, but ensure that it is installed close to the edge (recommended height is 1.2m/3.94ft to 2.1m/6.89ft).
3. Do not place it on a metal surface or allow anything to block the motion sensor.

If a pet enters the detection area of the Aqara Motion Sensor, will it trigger the sensor?

Yes. It may be triggered by pets because of the passive infrared technology. To avoid this, we suggest you install the Aqara Motion Sensor in a higher position so the pet could not enter the detection area.

The Aqara Motion Sensor does not respond, and the indicator light does not flash when I press the reset button.  What is the reason?

Possible reasons:
1. The battery is dead;
2. The PCB board is damaged;
3. Sensor failure.

The Aqara Motion Sensor does not respond, but the indicator light flashes normally when I click the reset button. What is the reason?  

Possible hardware error. Please contact Aqara Support at

The Aqara Motion Sensor does not respond. The the indicator light is dim when I press the reset button. What is the reason?

Low battery. Please refer to the user manual for instructions to replace the battery.

Why isn't the Aqara Motion Sensor detecting motion?

The Aqara Motion Sensor goes into sleep mode after it is triggered. One minute later, it can be triggered again. It might be in sleep mode when you were using it.

Why does the trigger interval of the Aqara Motion Sensor sometimes vary? 

Within one hour after it connects to the network (new network connection mode), the Aqara Motion Sensor is triggered once every 5 seconds. If it is not triggered within an hour, it automatically enters normal user mode. It is then triggered once every minute.

How can I reset the Aqara Motion Sensor ? 

1. Press and hold the reset button on the device for 5 seconds. The indicator will flash 3 times before resetting to factory settings.
2. If a sensor needs to be paired with another Aqara Hub, it will need to be reset before the new pairing can succeed.

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