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What is Ark Technology?

Ark technology is a distributed multi-level localized disaster recovery technology in the Aqara smart home system. Currently, Ark technology has been updated to version 2.0. It includes hub local automation capability, multi-hub standby replacement, proxy hub disaster recovery,etc., when cloud servers, Internet, router, hub running fault, It can provide disaster recovery protection against these issues at multiple levels, try it best to ensure local automation and scenario execution, and enhance the reliability and stability of the Aqara smart home system.

What is proxy hub disaster recovery capability?

When Aqara hub products (Like Hub M3, Hub M2, Air Conditioning P3, Camera Hub G3 ) running fault or powered off, some Zigbee devices which been connected to them can act as a "proxy hub", and the "proxy hub" is responsible for the execution of some basic local automation and scenarios.

Which devices are currently supported as proxy hub? (Some of the following products are only available in some countries or regions)

Smart scene panel switch S1 (requires firmware version no less than 5.2.6_0559)
Curtain Controller C3 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0012)
LED Strip T1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_2729)
LED strip driver T1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0024)
Ceiling Light T1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0026)
Spotlight V1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0025)
Wall Outlet H2 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0027)

What are the precautions for proxy hub disaster recovery?

1. You need update the firmware of the device (including hub, proxy hub, other Zigbee Router) to the latest version.
2. Proxy hub disaster recovery technology can only support some simple automation conditions and actions (such as turn on/off the device).

How does Aqara camera hub G2H Pro connect ZigBee end device, and how many end devices can be connected at most?

You can quickly press the button on the top of the camera three times to initiate ZigBee end device connection. G2H Pro support ZigBee 3.0 protocol and can connect 128 end devices at most.

How dose Aqara camera hub G2H Pro connect to internet?

You can scan the QR code generated by Aqara Home app to connect to internet. After the camera is powered on, please open the app and connect the device to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, according to the voice prompt. Then, the QR code is generated, and you can scan the QR code through the G2H Pro lens for the network connection.

What kind of Wi-Fi can Aqara camera hub G2H Pro connect? Does it can connect to mixing frequency Wi-Fi?

It supports 2.4GHz IEEE902.11b/g/n Wi-Fi protocol. And it doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi. When connecting the mixing frequency router, it is recommended to separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi to avoid abnormal connection.

Why can’t camera hub G2H Pro connect to Wi-Fi?

Please check the distance between camera and router, and make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. If Wi-Fi connecting abnormally, please use Wi-Fi signal amplifier or mobile router to ensure that the device can receive Wi-Fi signals well. Please make sure connecting to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Please check if the Wi-Fi SSID or Wi-Fi PWD is correct.

How much capacity does Aqara camera hub G2H Pro needs to store one day’s video?

It will take at least 18GB to store one day’s video. Generally, the TF card with 512GB capacity is expected to be stored for 4 weeks, totaling 28 days.

When disconnecting to Wi-Fi, does Aqara camera hub G2H Pro can store the video into TF card?

Yes. However, you can’t view the video through Aqara Home app because of no internet.

What kind formats of TF card does Aqara camera hub G2H Pro supports? How much capacity does it supports?

It supports the TF card with CLASS 4 above and format of FAT32. The capacity is 512GB at most. However, We suggest you use the TF card with CLASS 10 above.

How many clients does Aqara camera hub G2H Pro can preview at the same time in a single camera?

At most 4 .

How Aqara camera hub G2H Pro install?

It supports magnetic suction and flat installation. You can use 3M glue in the accessories to paste the iron sheet on the non-magnetic material surface, or use fastening screws to fix the iron sheet on the non-magnetic material surface, and then fix the camera.

How many custom ringtones does camera hub G2H Pro can upload and is there a limit for maximum?

At most 5, maximum 5MB per ringtone.

Why is there no video saved after time lapse is turned on?

Please check there is no operations such as network disconnection, reset or factory setting recovery in the intermediate process.

How IOS user upload custom ringtone?

IOS user should upload custom ringtone to iCloud at first, then choose the ringtone and upload to camera through Aqara Home app.

Why can’t user find the NAS storage portal?

Only when inserting the TF card to camera you can find the NAS storage portal in SD storage. That is because NAS storage must be based on a TF card.

What kind of audio format does G2H Pro custom ringtone supports?

Only support MP3 audio format.

How many length of Wi-Fi SSID and PWD does G2H Pro supports?

It is recommended 32 ASCII characters of SSID and 32 ASCII characters of PWD at most.

Why does the camera drop from internet frequently?

Please avoid the camera in the physical center of the Wi-Fi mesh network. And avoid the signal of Wi-Fi is too bad.

Why doesn’t the alarm work after setting motion detection and abnormal sound detection on Alert system?

You should open these functions on device more setting at first, then it works.

Why does the infrared light of camera switch repeatedly?

Please avoid the camera facing the easily reflective object.

Why does the picture effect of Aqara camera hub G2H Pro become blurred?

Pleck check whether the lens is dirty.

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