Motion and Light Sensor P2


What usage/safety precautions should I take when using the Smart Wall Socket H2 at home?

1. The maximum Work current of the smart wall socket H2 supports 16A. Therefore, when installed in the home, it is necessary to ensure that the wire diameter of the Neutral wire, Live wire, and ground wire connected to the socket is at least 2.5mm². When wiring, please loosen the screws on the terminal first, and tighten the screws after inserting the wires so that the copper terminals clamp the wires and cannot loosen;
2. The base height of the smart wall socket H2 is 35mm. Please ensure that the depth of the dark box where the socket is installed is at least 50mm;
3. Please Turn off the power switch at home before installing the socket. Non-professionals are not allowed to install or disassemble it at will, and please do not connect the reverse zero Live wire;

Does the Smart Wall Socket H2 support row frames?

Supports specific sizes of row frames. Please make sure that the center size of the selected row frame is 55×55mm. If you choose other sizes, it will be loose or unable to be installed. When installing to a 55 row frame, please try to choose the screws in the package to fix the dark box. It should be noted that due to design differences, row frames of different brands may still have structural interference even if the size is appropriate. Please choose a third-party row frame based on actual needs.

Does the Smart Wall Socket H2 support Zigbee Router?

Yes, in addition to being a Zigbee Child device, the Smart Wall Socket H2 can Work as a Zigbee Router in the Zigbee network, making the Zigbee network more stable.

How to disassemble and install Smart Wall Socket H2

There is a captive screw in the middle of the smart wall socket H2. After loosening the screw with a cross screwdriver, you can remove the decorative cover, middle frame, and socket body on the upper surface in sequence. After installing the socket body in the dark box, fix the above parts in sequence to complete the installation.

Which third-party platforms can the smart wall socket H2 connect to?

Supports access to Apple Home, Alexa, Google, Yandex, IFTTT and other platforms through Aqara Zigbee Hub. It can also be bridged to the Matter platform through Aqara's Zigbee Hub that supports the Matter platform.

What safety measures can be taken to ensure the safety of socket use

1. The socket supports maximum power setting. When the actual power used exceeds the maximum setting, the socket will be Auto Turn off to ensure safety;
2. The socket supports charging protection and sets the minimum power-off power (0~2W). To a certain extent, it can effectively ensure that the socket power is disconnected when the mobile phone charging adapter is unloaded to ensure safety.

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