Motion Sensor P1

The Aqara Motion Sensor P1

Updated and most advanced version of our best-selling motion sensor.

Motion Sensor P1
5-Year Battery Life

5-Year Battery Life

The Motion Sensor P1 can reach a record five-year battery life and will have an acceptable battery life even in case of extra-low temperatures or lightning-fast detection timeouts.

Adjustable Sensitivity (Distance)

Adjustable Sensitivity (Distance)

Three sensitivity modes (high, medium, and low), refer to the distance the sensor will be triggered from, which can help to reduce false alarms and make installation more flexible.

Configurable Detection Timeout

Configurable Detection Timeout

The timeout can be configured from 1 to 200 seconds in the Aqara Home app, confirmed by pressing the device button, and the P1 won't be stuck for one minute.*

Built-in Light Sensor

Built-in Light Sensor

The light sensor built-in into the P1 can be used to control the lights more precisely. For example, only turn on the lights when it's dark and motion is detected. **

170° Viewing and 360° Stand

170° Viewing and 360° Stand

Extra-wide field of view: 170° for up to 2 meters and 150° for up to 7 meters. Moreover, a versatile 360° stand makes it available for a more flexible detecting area.

Built-in Zigbee 3.0 Hub

Zigbee 3.0 Protocol and Future-Proofing via OTA

Apart from the benefit of Zigbee 3.0, the sensor now supports OTA updates, which means that new features and fixes can be added after the release of the product.

* Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub is required
** The decibel measurements may vary significantly depending on the distance and the environment

All-Round Compatibility

The Aqara Motion Sensor P1 is compatible with a wide range of smart home ecosystems and voice assistants.

HomeKit, Alexa, IFTTT, and more are supported. Matter support will be available via OTA update of Aqara Hubs after the official release of Matter specifications.

aqara home
Aqara Home

* Certain third-party integrations may be unavailable in some regions
** Matter support may be unavailable by the time of the launch, and will be rolled out as an OTA update of a compatible Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub

Cover Any Space, and Customize it How You Like

· Wide Viewing Angle

Apart from an extra-wide field of view (170° for up to 2 meters and 150° for up to 7 meters) , the versatile 360-degree stand makes it available to adjust the viewing angle so that only the motion in the desired area will be detected.

· Adjustable Sensitivity (Distance)

Three sensitivity modes make it available for you to adjust the distance the sensor will be triggered from, then it will only detect the things you need.

170 degree Viewing and 360 degree Stand

A Huge Leap in Battery Life

Motion Sensor P1 5year battery life

The Motion Sensor P1 now can reach an amazing record five-year battery life and will have an acceptable battery life even in the case of extra-low temperatures or lightning-fast detection timeouts.

*5-year battery life can be achieved with LED indication function turned off and with detection timeout not less than 30 seconds

Detect Intruders and Get Notifications Immediately

By setting the Aqara Home Alert System, the Motion Sensor P1 may become a reliable security device:

Configure away mode in the app, and enjoy constant monitoring, local sound and light alarms, and cloud notifications in case motion is detected. Or, use it in HomeKit or other supported systems for the same purpose.

Just Place it Anywhere You Like

No tools are required for installation. With the included sensor stand and sticker, you can set the motion sensor wherever you want.

motion sensor p1 upright placement

Upright Placement

motion sensor p1 wall attachment

Wall Attachment

motion sensor p1 placement without stand

Placement Without Stand

motion sensor p1 upside down placement

Upside Down Placement

Sense Your Movement, and Have Perfect Lighting All the Time

In case the detector was triggered, you will be able to check if there is any danger and disarm it easily. Unlike the traditional alarms, you can use both the Aqara Home app or other Aqara devices to do it.

IF Motion is detected and brightness is below 30 lux (can be configured in the app)

THEN Turn on the light

*To use this feature, an Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub and controller are required.

Automation 1:
Fully automated lighting control

IF A motion in darkness is detected

THEN Trigger the smart wall switch to automatically turn on the light

IF No motion is detected for a long time

THEN Trigger the smart switch to automatically turn off the light

motion sensor p1 + hub + smart-wall-switch

Automation 2:
Automatically trigger the scene when you go to bed

IF Motion in the bed is detected (i.e. the user goes to bed)


THEN Trigger the “Good night” scene (e.g., close the curtain and turn off the light)

Versions Comparison

Motion Sensor Motion Sensor P1
Technology PIR PIR
Protocols Zigbee 1.2 Zigbee 3.0
Sensors / Automations Motion, Motion+Light Detection Motion, Motion+Light Detection
Batteries / Battery Life
* depends on triggering frequency and settings
1 x CR2450
2 Years
2 x CR2450
5 Years
Configurable Timeout No (Hardware mod required) Yes, 1s - 200s
Sensitivity Adjustment No Yes* (High-Medium-Low)
* For P1, sensitivity refers to the sensor triggering distance
Angle / Range up to 170° for up to 4 meters 170° for up to 2 meters
150° for up to 7 meters
Ecosystems IFTTT, HomeKit, Alexa, Matter (TBD), Yandex (TBD) IFTTT, HomeKit, Alexa, Matter (TBD), Yandex (TBD)
Accessories / Mount Stand included Stand included
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