LED Strip T1


Can LED Strip T1 be extended and what is the maximum length that it can connect?

The LED Strip T1 can be extended up to 10m, including an 8m extension on the 2m base.

Can LED Strip T1 be cut?

Yes, the LED Strip T1 is segmented every 20cm, and cuts should only be made at the marked cutting lines between each segment. The cut-off section of the LED Strip T1 can no longer be used, and you should ensure the power is off before making any cuts.

How to reset the LED Strip T1 after connecting to the network?

Long press the on/off button on the controller for 5 seconds to reset the LED Strip T1.

How do I install and secure the LED Strip T1?

For installation, use the built-in 3M adhesive. Please ensure a flat, dry surface.

Why isn't the extension part of the LED Strip T1 lighting up after connection?

Please set the Actual Length of the LED Strip in the app's "Function Setting". Once saved, the extended strip should function normally.

Does the Tunable White mode support segment control?

No, only RGB mode supports segment control.

What are the functions of the buttons on the controller?

On/Off: Control strip, long press resets device.
Light mode switch: Toggle light modes.
Music sync: Open/switch music sync effect.
Microphone: Picks up sound for music sync mode.

What is the effective use range of the music sync mode?

This device features a built-in microphone in the controller. Once the music sync mode is activated, the microphone can capture music, voices, etc. within a certain range. If the sound source is too distant or the volume is too low, the microphone might not pick up the sound. It's recommended to place the sound source as close as possible to the controller for optimal performance.

Can the LED Strip be used without connecting to the network?

Basic functions are available offline. However, advanced features like adjusting color temperature, color, and dynamic effects require connection to the Aqara Home or Apple Home app.

Is LED Strip T1 waterproof?

The LED Strip T1 has a rating of IP44, meaning it is protected against dust and can also be used outdoors. Please note: it only refers to the LED strip itself, the Manual Controller and the Power Supply are not weatherproof and should be installed indoors.

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