Ceiling Light T1M


What is the overall lamp size of the ceiling lamp?

495 × 75mm (19.49 × 2.95 in.)

What accessories are there for ceiling lamps?

Mounting Bracket × 1, Self-Tapping Screw × 3, Flat-Head Screw × 2, Plastic Anchor × 3, Metal Washer × 3, Plastic Washer × 3, User Manual × 1

What should you pay attention to when installing and using ceiling lights?

1、Be sure to cut off the power supply before installation to prevent electric shock;
2. The fixed bracket accessories in the 、 package are not necessary and should be selected according to the actual needs of the installation environment;
3、 Do not replace the LED module without permission,and do not disassemble the product without permission. If the equipment is damaged,you need to contact professional after-sales personnel for processing;

Does this ceiling lamp have independent App control software?

Can be controlled via Aqara Home or Apple Home

How to reset a ceiling light

Use the local physical switch to turn the light on and off 5 times continuously (on 1s、off 1s,repeat 5 times). If the main light Breathing twice,it means the reset is successful.

Can the ceiling lamp support delayed turning off and turning on the light?

The device defaults to 、 with a light-off delay of 1.5s.
Users can set it according to their needs,and the delay range is 0s-10s.

Does the colored ambient light (side light) of the ceiling lamp support independent adjustment control?

The main light and side light support independent switches、Independent adjustment of brightness、Independent setting of automation and other functions

What to do if the ceiling lamp cannot be found?

1、 Use the local physical switch to turn the light on and off 5 times continuously (on 1s、off 1s,repeat 5 times). The ceiling light will flash with a Breathing state,indicating that the reset is successful.
2、After the reset is successful,open the Aqara Home APP and re-add the device

Why does the connection time out for the newly purchased ceiling lamp?

There are many reasons for connection timeouts
1、The current network environment is poor,please check the router configuration
2、 The ceiling lamp is far away from the hub and the communication effect is poor. Please move the two closer and try again.

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