Magic Switch S1E


What is Smart Magic Switch S1E?

Aqara Smart Magic Switch S1E is a kind of smart switch used to control Magic whole house smart devices. It can easily replace the wall switch with a touch screen three-button switch and support the device or scenes association to achieve linkage control. Since it has access to the HomeKit platform, so the device can be easily controlled through Aqara Home app.

How many switches do the Smart Magic Switch S1E have?

It supports 3-channel lamp control switch and 6-channel wireless switch

Can I customise the default home page?

Yes, in "Settings" - "Brightness and Display" - "Default Home Page", you can freely choose the specific page after clicking on Standby.

How can I associate devices, scenarios, services, etc.?

1. Add the required "Screen Layout" to the "My Screens" on the Aqara Home APP device details page
2. Click on the corresponding screen layout and click on the "+", you can configure the desired device, scenarios, service, etc.

How can I use the Smart Magic Switch S1E?

The device itself has 3 relay switches and 6 wireless switches, all of which need to be associated before they can be controlled on the screen.

Is HomeKit available?

The HomeKit is available. After the device is successfully connected to HomeKit, 3 relay switches and 6 wireless switches are displayed.

How can I use wireless switch?

You can easily control other HomeKit products on the screen by linking HomeKit scenarios with a wireless switch.

Does it support being controlled by the Xiao Qiao Voice Assistant?

There is no built-in Xiao Qiao Voice Assistant in the product, but Xiao Qiao Voice Assistant can control the product

What devices can be associated and controlled with this device?

Lamps, window curtains, switches and socket similar devices can be associated with this device, and the models are subject to actual scenarios as such devices are updated constantly.

Does the device need to be used with a hub?

The device is a kind of Wi-Fi device, so it can work independently without a hub. However, if the associated control device is a Zigbee sub-device, it needs to be paired with a hub before it can be used.

How can I wire the Smart Magic Switch S1E?

There are 5 wiring holes on the back of the device named as N, L, L3, L2, and L1.
L should be connected to the live wire, N to the neutral wire, and L3, L2 and L1 to the 3-way lamp load wires respectively.

How can I distinguish between the live wire and the load wire?

The live wire is generally red, the neutral wire blue or black, and the lamp load wire green or yellow. A test is recommended to complete by an electrician using an electroprobe or other professional tools before installation.

Will there be a short circuit if the wiring is connected incorrectly?

For instance, if the wiring of the neutral wire and the live wire is reversed, the device can be used normally. However, after the switch is turned off, the electric shock may occur as the live wire on the lamp holder has not been disconnected. If the load wire of the lamp is connected to the L hole or the N hole, it will not cause short circuit, but the switch does not work. It can be used after connecting correctly.

How can I switch different themes?

Open the "Aqara Home App", find the device details page and click on "Theme Style" to change the theme. We will keep the theme continuously iterating, and more personalized themes will be launched.

How many layouts are supported?

10, dividing into black zones and button zones. The black zone can be associated with: Lights, curtains, clocks, weather; Subsequent black zones may be associated with: Temperature and humidity information display, overview statistics, data display, etc; The button zones. can be associated with: Device switches, wireless switches, scenarios, curtains, lights, sockets. We will keep it continuously iterating. Stay tuned for more.

What the maximum number of pages supported for configuration?

Maximum of 6

Does each page support a different layout?

Yes, you can choose a different layout for each page, meeting personalized needs of different people

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