The Best Zigbee Smart Home Devices

Do you know how your smart home devices communicate with one another? Smart devices operate through application protocols that create and support communication networks.

Zigbee, a shared protocol among industry leaders, including Apple, Amazon, and Google, ensures that smart devices communicate and work together regardless of the brand.

What Is Zigbee?

Zigbee is a non-proprietary, wireless communication protocol operating under the IEEE 802.15.4 standard that controls the hardware that allows interaction with a wireless medium. It operates as a low-rate wireless personal area network, abbreviated LR-WPAN. It is used for home automation, allowing communication between devices near one another without routers or other access points.

It uses minimal power to operate and can transmit approximately 30 ft. to 300 ft. along a line of sight to connect smart devices, such as smart lighting, smart door locks, smart home sensors, and smart home controllers.

It uses a mesh network operating in the 2.4 GHz band that allows communication between devices and alleviates the need for Wi-Fi or other networks. Zigbee serves as the master control so that there is no need for multiple hubs.

Zigbee is part of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, formerly the Zigbee Alliance, a consortium of more than 300 global leaders working to create universal, open standards to make the IoT more accessible and usable. Aqara is a major player in the development of connected protocols, including Zigbee and Matter.

Read more about how Zigbee works.

Why Is Zigbee Important For A Smart Home?

Zigbee offers compatibility among devices from different manufacturers. By serving as communication central, it coordinates interoperability among different types of smart devices.

It uses minimal power, supporting battery-operated devices, such as doorbells, alarms, and sensors, to work for years. Zigbee provides a secure, reliable, and flexible network that supports hundreds of devices and lets you manage all your smart devices from a central hub.

The Best Zigbee Devices

Aqara products use Zigbee protocols that are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart ecosystems. Zigbee compatibility lets users select the products that best suit their budgets and smart home automation needs, knowing that this non-proprietary standard connects to and communicates with a wide range of manufacturers’ hubs, routers, and bridges.

You can find many reviews of well-received, popular Zigbee devices. However, the best Zigbee devices are the ones that complement your smart home and seamlessly integrate with your smart hub and other devices.

Aqara offers products ranging from door locks to indoor air quality monitors. Many, such as hubs and sensors, allow personalization for multiple users. You can create scenes that add convenience and safety to daily life, customize access to smart locks, or control the temperature in rooms.

Whether you want to see who is at your front door before you open it or have lights come on as you enter a room, Aqara’s Zigbee devices do that and more.

Check out Aqara’s popular Zigbee smart home devices and their features.


Smart hubs act as control centers, connecting and communicating with smart devices so you can manage your smart home through a single portal.

The Aqara Hub M2 is the company’s most advanced. Zigbee 3.0 supports up to 128 child devices using repeater devices. Features include 360-degree infrared control and a built-in speaker that functions as an alarm or doorbell. Wired Ethernet RJ-45 adds stability and faster response, and micro-USB 5V 1A power provides battery backup.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks add convenience and safety, featuring keyless entry, remote and multiple-user access. Integrate them with your other security systems, including cameras, motion sensors, and intercoms. Access can be by voice, biometrics, or custom passwords. Operate them through a Zigbee 3.0 hub.

Our smart door locks include the Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Zigbee, Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee, and Smart Door Lock N100 Zigbee. If you are a HomeKit user click here for a HomeKit door lock.

Several are fully automated, offering nine ways to unlock, programmable scenes for individual users, and real-time monitoring. Other features include a long battery life, sensors that remind you if the door is left open, and alerts about unusual attempts at opening.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras offer features that enhance security and convenience. Use them to monitor your front door or other locations around your home or office. Aqara smart cameras distinguish between people and pets and allow personalized recognition.

Many models include low-light and night vision, giving 24-hour surveillance capabilities. They are compatible with Apple HomeKit and major smart home ecosystems and voice assistants. The Aqara Camera Hub G3 with built-in Zigbee 3.0 serves as a hub that supports up to 128 Aqara sensors, controllers, and IR-enabled devices.

Smart Lighting

Enjoy lower electrical bills, personalized lighting, and programmable off-on control and transition settings by integrating smart lighting with other smart home devices. The Aqara Ceiling Light T1M (will be launched soon) and LED strips work with hubs, bridges, and controllers for complete home lighting automation.

Smart Controllers

Smart controllers offer versatility, making conventional devices smart and converting ordinary switches, outlets, and controls to wireless devices. Integrate dual-relay controllers, roller shade drivers, wall switches, plugs, pet feeders, and thermostats into your smart home automation system for a variety of applications.

The Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 is compatible with many existing radiator valves, providing energy savings and convenience in regulating temperatures and humidity. It works with connected devices, including the Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor or the TVOC Air Quality Monitor. Features include remote control of temperatures, schedules, and geofencing. Link it to the Aqara Door and Window Sensor to detect when windows and doors open.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors make your home comfortable and safe. Connect them to a hub to trigger programmed scenes, alerts, and notifications. Our Zigbee-enabled sensors precisely control temperature, humidity, lighting, and indoor air quality.

Motion and vibration sensors help keep valuables secure, sending alerts and notifications when they detect motion, vibration, or unusual events. Door and window sensors deter intruders, signal if a window or door has been left open, and serve as prompts to control heating and cooling equipment, lights, and cameras.

Air quality sensors and smoke and gas leak detectors keep you safe. The TVOC Air Quality Monitor senses airborne pollutants, high temperatures, and humidity. Program IF-THEN automations that turn on fans or air conditioning to disperse pollutants and regulate temperature and humidity.

Water and gas leak sensors detect leaks, notify you of problems. Use the water leak sensor in bathrooms, kitchens, or basements. Install gas leak sensors around the home to notify you when dangerous gases are present.

Curtain Controllers

Smart curtain controllers add convenience, energy efficiency, privacy, and aesthetics to your home. Integrate controllers into your automated systems to automatically open and close curtains, activate lights, and respond to temperature changes. Program them to open to let in sunlight when indoor temperatures get too cold or to close if a room gets too hot. Choose from a curtain track, curtain rod, or roller shade controller. Activate by voice, event, brightness, temperature, or time.

How Do I Connect a Zigbee Device to Smart Hubs?

Aqara’s Zigbee-enabled devices are easy to connect to smart hubs and devices that use Zigbee protocol. Aqara hubs allow you to connect to and control Zigbee devices from one platform. The Aqara website posts videos and user manuals detailing how to connect devices to Zigbee smart hubs.

Aqara hubs connect with major brands of voice assistants and smart home ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Yandex Alisa. Some devices, such as smart plugs and wall switches, require repeaters to connect to the hub. Aqara’s Zigbee hubs support hundreds of devices that can be managed through the hub.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you are just starting to build a smart home automation network or are adding to an existing one, Aqara’s Zigbee-compatible devices offer a wide selection of products and applications.

You can connect Aqara Zigbee home automation devices to an Aqara hub or another Zigbee-enabled hub, including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Our Zigbee devices offer a wide range of applications that enhance security and convenience using remote access or in-home controls. Browse our Zigbee devices list to find products that suit your home automation needs. Our products are affordable, easy to install, and adaptable to a wide range of uses. The compact, attractive, sleek design of hubs, controllers, and sensors makes them easy to integrate into any décor.

If you want to get a hold of Aqara’s Zigbee-enabled smart home devices, check out our website and “Where To Buy” page so you can get it from distributors near you.

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