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 What is a leading hub? What is the difference between the Aqara Hub M3 and previous Aqara hub products?

1. After connecting to your existing Aqara setup, the Aqara Hub M3 forms a hub cluster, and becomes and takes the lead over other Aqara Zigbee hubs aiming to improve the smart home experience. It converts the automations that involve multiple hubs and child devices connected to them, from Cloud to Edge automations, which are more stable and fast, and coordinates other Aqara Zigbee hubs.
2. Compared to traditional hubs, the Aqara Hub M3 can not only serve as leader of a hub cluster, but also acts as a Thread Border Router. This enables other Matter controllers to connect Thread devices and integrates the newest Aqara and third-party Matter devices into the Aqara Home app. It possesses larger local data storage space, offers offline RTC adjustments, and includes other advanced functions.

Why does the leading hub sometimes change to another one in the Hub Cluster?

When networking multiple Aqara Hub M3s, through data sharing, the hubs will assess in real time each hub's load situation, network communication capabilities, and wireless signal strength, dynamically choosing the optimal node as the leading hub.

If the Aqara Hub M3 went offline, can the configured Edge automations execute?

1. When there are multiple Aqara Hub M3s, the offline hub will be taken over by other functioning hubs to ensure the execution of hub automations.
2. When there is only one Aqara Hub M3, the automations configured within it will not be able to execute.

To be a part of a Hub Cluster, do other hubs need to be upgraded to the specified firmware version?

Yes, please upgrade other hubs to the latest online firmware to function with the Aqara Hub M3.

What are the benefits of Ark Technology in smart home automation?

Ark Technology enhances smart home automation by integrating a suite of disaster recovery technologies. These include local automation capabilities within individual hubs, coordination and automation across multiple leading hubs, standby takeover by multiple leading hubs for increased reliability, and proxy hub disaster recovery. This comprehensive approach ensures more reliable and efficient execution of local automations, significantly improving the resilience and performance of smart home systems.

When multiple Hub M3s are networked, will the saved automations be mirrored?

When the saved automation is an Edge automation (automation conditions span multiple gateways or different LANs), the automation will be backed up across all leading hubs. Non-leading hub automations will be saved within each level of hubs and proxy hub nodes.

When Aqara Hub M3 serves as a leading hub, how many hubs can it manage at the same time?

The maximum number of hubs managed by an Aqara Hub M3 is 10.

Why do I need to scan the MagicPair QR code on the Aqara Hub M3 to connect to the network?

The Aqara Hub M3, having a larger local storage space which may store a substantial amount of user data, is classified as a security-grade device. To ensure that it is operated by the user themselves, it is necessary to scan the MagicPair QR code on the device through the app for a secondary confirmation before connecting to the network.

What kinds of user data are stored in eMMC?

It includes automation configuration, device operation logs, and data collected by child devices, etc.

How large an area can a single Aqara Hub M3 wireless connection cover?

When child devices are evenly distributed and router sub-devices are configured reasonably, the Aqara Hub M3 can cover a space of 100-300 square meters.

What kinds of hubs can be migrated by Aqara Hub M3?

Including Aqara M2 Hub, Aara M1S Hub, Aqara E1 Hub, and other Aqara hubs. Before being migrated, please update the firmware version of the hub to the latest.

After being migrated, how would the old hub functions be retained by the new one?

1. Migration between hubs of the same type, where the new hub will retain all configurations identical to the original hub after migration (Except for the automations configured in third-party apps such as Apple Home)
2. Migration between different types of gateways, where the final retained configurations will be the intersection of the functionalities of the two hubs (for example, migrating from M1S Hub to the Aqara Hub M3, functions related to night lights and automation configurations will be lost).

Can the Aqara Hub M3 be connected to Zigbee and Thread child devices at the same time?

Yes. The Aqara Hub M3 can be connected to Zigbee and Thread child devices at the same time.

Can the Aqara Hub M3 connect Zigbee devices to the Matter platform?

Yes, the Aqara Hub M3 itself serves as a Matter Bridge, which can bridge Zigbee and IR devices to platforms that support Matter.

What types of third-party Matter devices can be connected to the Aqara Home app through the Aqara Hub M3?

Currently, only a number of Matter-compatible lights, switches, and thermostats are officially supported. For more details, please refer to the product promotional materials.

When Aqara Hub M3 serves as a Zigbee and Thread hub, how many child devices can it directly connect to? How many child devices can be connected through the router / mesh extender nodes?

Aqara Hub M3 can directly connect to 64 child devices, and can access 127 child devices if bridging through a Zigbee router / Thread mesh extender nodes.

Can Aqara Hub M3 connect to Bluetooth child device?

Aqara Hub M3 retains the capability to connect to Bluetooth child devices and will support the connection of Aqara Bluetooth child devices through a firmware upgrade in the future.

What are the installation ways of Aqara Hub M3?

Three installation ways: horizontal placement, wall mounting, and ceiling mounting.

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