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Presence Sensor FP2

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zone positioning

Zone Positioning

By using only one radar sensor, you will be able to monitor a room of up to 40 m² (ca. 430 sq ft) and divide them into various zones. Presence at each configured zones can trigger different automations.

Multi-Person Detection

Multi-Person Detection

The FP2 radar sensor has the ability to detect up to 5 people* at the same time, making it a useful tool for households with multiple occupants.

Ultra-High Precision

Ultra-High Precision

Radar sensors possess a high level of precision, allowing them to detect even the slightest movements without producing false positives.

Multi-Ecosystem Support

The FP2 is exposed as multiple sensors within third-party ecosystems, including HomeKit (and Home Assistant), Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Alice.

Flexible Placement

Flexible Placement

A recessed USB-C port and magnetic adjustable stand increases the flexibility of placement. Ceiling and vertical attachment are both supported.

Built-In Light Sensor

Built-In Light Sensor

The FP2 has an extra built-in additional light sensor, which provides greater flexibility and enjoyment when creating lighting automations.

Local Automations

Automations of FP2 are executed without sending to the cloud, and they will keep working even in case of no internet connection.

Fall Detection and Alerts**

Fall Detection and Alerts**

The FP2 has the capability to detect and alert you when a family member falls down, which is not required for camera monitoring.

* The best result can be achieved in case of tracking not more than 3 persons
** Ceiling placement is required for fall detection

Positioning By Zones, Stay Connected to Your Home

Up to
30 zones
320 cells

Zone positioning offers significant advantages over traditional PIR sensors by monitoring rooms of up to 40㎡ (ca. 430 sq ft), and dividing them into up to 30 zones. It is suitable for a practically endless variety of use cases based on the actual presence in each of such zones. Additionally, using just two conditions of “Presence” and “Absence” will make the automation configuration simpler than ever before.

Up to
People Detection

Up to 5 people detection

Moreover, the FP2 supports to detect up to 5 people simultaneously, making it particularly useful for households with multiple occupants*. It can be used for home automation and security purposes, but also for energy management, such as heating and cooling systems based on the actual room presence. With FP2, you can enjoy a more intelligent and reassuring home environment, tailored to everyone’s needs.

* The best result can be achieved in case of tracking not more than 3 persons
** Wall-mounting installation is required for zone positioning and multi-person detection

Captures Slightest Movements with Maximum Privacy

By implementing millimeter-wave radar technology, the FP2 provides a precise presence detection without producing false negatives, even for the slightest movements. On top of that, it is wearable-free and does not require a camera monitoring system, which ensures maximum privacy for users.

* Please note: the FP2 is a wired sensor that should be constantly powered

Presence Sensor FP2 product image front view

Multi-Ecosystem Support for Endless Possibilities

The FP2 is exposed as multiple sensors in HomeKit (and Home Assistant)*, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Alice. You are able to integrate the sensor easily with no Aqara hub required, which is a good solution for smart home enthusiasts to expand your smart home setup.
aqara home


Full Function



Multi-Zone Presence



Multi-Zone Presence

google home

Google Home

Multi-Zone Presence



Multi-Zone Presence




* The device can be added directly to Home Assistant using HomeKit Controller integration

Stay Proactive When Your Family Member Falls Down

You can mount the FP2 on the ceiling and activate the Falling Detection mode. The FP2 will detect and alert you through the app as soon as someone falls, which will minimize the risk of injury for your family’s healthier lives.

fall detection

* Ceiling-mounting is required for fall detection
** In fall detection mode, most features of the FP2 including zone positioning and presence detection become unavailable
*** The FP2 Presence Sensor is not a medical device, and can only be used for notification purposes

1>N, Why Is It So Revolutionary?

The mmWave radar technology is the next big thing in smart home sensing! You will not need several sensors to detect different areas within a room, and careful configuration and long-term management of each sensor. With FP2, you will get multiple infrared (PIR) sensors and even one extra light sensor.
Presence Sensor FP2 Sensor Function
PIR Sensor
PIR Sensor x N
Light Sensor
Light Sensor x 1
Pain Point of PIR Motion Sensor Presence Sensor FP2
Cannot detect specific area accurately Detects the presence by zones within the room
Cannot detect multiple targets simultaneously Detects presence of up to 5 people
Cannot detect presence when you are sleeping or sitting Detects presence even if you are not moving
Detects presence even if you are not moving Small pet* and robot vacuum-friendly
Can be affected greatly by room temperature Accuracy is the same all around the year

Local Automations

Wi-Fi doesn't mean being dependent on the cloud. The FP2 can easily execute automations locally, ensuring uninterrupted operation even without an internet connection.*

* Local automations are only available with other Aqara or Apple Home-compatible devices

Presence Sensor FP2 IPX5 rated


Thanks to its IP rating, the sensor can also be installed in humid environments such as bathrooms and even outdoors under a roof.*

* To use the sensor in a humid environment, the power adapter (USB-A) and the wall outlet should be waterproof

Built-in Light Sensor

Additionally, the built-in light sensor , that is also exposed to third-party ecosystems allows for more flexible and enjoyable lighting automations, as well as advanced home automation based on illuminance levels.

Flexible Installation

The FP2 supports wall mounting, ceiling installation, and angle adjustment for flexible placement. It’s also possible to install the FP2 in the corner of the room, and configure the map* accordingly.

Presence Sensor FP2 Sensor Function

Wall-mounted Coverage

Presence Sensor FP2 Detection Range
Ceiling mountage coverage
Ceiling mountage cover

Ceiling-mounted Coverage

* Local automations are only available with other Aqara or Apple Home-compatible devices

It is Ultimately Future-Proof

With its advanced hardware, the FP2 is able to support much more cutting-edge features such as sleep monitoring, people counting, posture detection (lying down, sitting, standing, walking) and Matter support for enhanced functionality.

* Please note: some newly added features may require the Aqara subscription

Wake-up automations that don't bother your family members

The FP2 can detect, if someone is still in bed, and the Wake-Up automation will not be triggered in case another person wakes up.

IF Someone enters the bathroom while presence is still detected in the bed zone
THEN Don’t open the shades*

* Two automations should be configured: for presence and absence in the bed zone

Presence Sensor FP2 + Hub + Curtain Driver

Accent lighting that follows you

The lighting can now follow you around the room: only the lights near you will turn on, while other lights will turn off once you leave the area.

IF Presence is detected in the kitchen
THEN Turn on the corresponding lights

Presence Sensor FP2 + Hub + LED Strip
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