Application and
Management for Realizing
Sustainable Development


begins with an idea

Everything begins
with an idea

Aqara’s Practices in Reducing Carbon Emission

Wireless IoT Technology
More Environmentally-

Let every source of
be used on demand

Digitalization Drives
Energy Conservation
and Emission Reduction

Systematic Solutions Help Carbon Neutrality

Aqara low-carbon layout

Wireless IoT
Minor renovations,
more environmentally- friendly

Allows for all
energy sources
to be used on demand

Digital drive
Energy conservation
and emission reduction

Systematic solution
Helping to achieve
carbon neutrality

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Aqara's Solution
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Aqara's Solution
for Office Buildings

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348,000 square meters Off ice park Greening in progress

Aqara off ice
in green operations

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begins with an idea.

Eugene You (You Yanyun), the creator of the Aqara brand, had a vision for a new, intelligent, green era for buildings.

As a scientist specializing in automation control technology, Eugene earned his master’s degrees from the South China University of Technology and the University of Utah in the United States. He has worked for many high-tech multinational corporations and conducted technology research and development globally, keeping up with domestic industrialization and urbanization trends, and recognizing the importance of environmental-friendly development.

In 2009, Eugene founded Lutuo Technology, dedicated to empowering spaces with wireless, intelligence, and energy-saving technologies. With a vision for the Internet of Everything, Lutuo focused on building control systems energy-saving and intelligent renovations of public buildings. After years of hard work and innovation, Lutuo presented many world-leading products and solutions, bringing revolutionary changes to the industry.

In 2014, Lutuo Technology changed its name to Lumi United, while retaining its original “green” intention and driving force. For Eugene, “green” has always been the guiding principle in promoting sustainable development and innovation in the field of smart homes.

Wireless IoT Technology
More environmentally-friendly

As one of the first smart home companies to recognize the potential of Zigbee technology, we have invested over a decade in research and development of Zigbee protocol. Now, our devices support multiple wireless protocols, including Thread, Zigbee, Lora, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, and Wi-Fi, making them versatile and adaptable.

Using stable, safe, and reliable wireless IoT technology, most Aqara devices are designed to be wire-free and easy to install, making them suitable for both new builds and retrofits. This effectively reduces the need for slotted wiring during construction.

To achieve dual smart lighting control, our smart wall switch can replace traditional wall switches and be used with a wireless switch and hub, without requiring rewiring.

It’s clear that transitioning to wireless IoT technology offers significant advantages, such as reducing waste and minimizing damage to existing materials during construction, while also being more environmentally friendly.

Let every source of energy be used on demand

Buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy consumption. In China alone, there are 40 billion square meters of existing buildings, 99% of which consume high amounts of energy. This results in an annual energy consumption equivalent to 350 million tons of standard coal. To combat this issue, an energy-saving retrofitting process is needed, along with convenient, fast, economic, and environmentally friendly products that do not affect the use of buildings. By utilizing behavioral energy-saving managed by BAS (Building Automation System), it is possible to achieve a 20%-40% reduction in energy usage, leading to significant social and economic benefits.

Aqara offers a powerful and rich portfolio of sensors that are optimally designed for power component material selection and management controls, algorithm capabilities, and sleep rules. This ensures that standby power consumption is kept at the lowest level while maintaining stability and reliability. Aqara’s average battery standby time can last up to 2 to 3 years, which is more than double that of similar products on the market. This effectively reduces battery consumption and environmental pollution.

Aqara has various kinds of sensors, including motion sensor, light sensor, door and window sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, etc. These devices are capable of automatically adjusting settings based on environmental conditions and user preferences, ensuring energy consumption is optimized to meet demand while minimizing unnecessary waste.

Moreover, people often forget to turn off major appliances, such as air conditioners, lights, and electric water heaters, leading to unnecessary energy consumption. With Aqara’s active smart home intelligence, users can rely on automation and remote control to ensure that energy consumption is tailored to their needs, while also promoting safety and energy efficiency.

Digitalization Drives Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Aqara’s powerful AloT ecosystem provides comprehensive support for visualizing system big data.

With insensible statistics, real-time monitoring, and accurate analysis of energy consumption data, Aqara allows for timely detection of abnormalities  which allows for prompt action to be taken to reduce energy consumption.

Insensible statistics

Insensible statistics are captured using sensor matrixes, cameras, and automatic links to record spatial behavior and provide automatic energy-saving conditions.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows for energy consumption to be quantified and viewed at a glance, while equipment status and abnormal conditions can be easily identified, providing a valuable data source for energy-saving solution analysis.

Accurate analysis

Accurate analysis is conducted through the automatic analysis and precise judgment of big data, which is collected from insensible statistics and real-time monitoring. This provides a reliable basis for energy-saving and emission-reduction planning.

Automated processing

Aqara’s automated processing ensures timely alerts and other automated actions are taken to prevent losses, reduce energy consumption, and help achieve overall energy conservation and emission reduction. This assists operators and home users in making smart decisions, formulating and optimizing energy-saving strategies.

Systematic solutions help carbon neutrality

Aqara products and systems are widely adopted in various settings, such as smart buildings, hotels, real estate, communities, homes, campuses, and healthcare facilities. They significantly enhance building management efficiency, energy utilization, and add value to the maintenance of buildings.

Aqara’s hardware features over 30 categories and 700+ SKUs, utilizing wireless Internet of Things technology to enable environmentally-friendly and automatic energy-saving controls, providing notable social and economic benefits.

Aqara’s software offerings include the powerful Aqara AloT ecosystem, which delivers reliable and comprehensive IoT solutions for the entire industry. The Qiao Link Open Platform helps eco-enterprises digitize and save energy. The Qiao Link Industry Application Platform provides basic capability services for energy-saving and emission reduction in smart spaces. The Qiao Link Visualized Large Screen visualizes digital energy savings.

Aqara’s smart office and hotel systems facilitate digital operations and management of different business types, contributing to carbon neutrality.



Aqara has successfully implemented smart and unified management for the Xiaomi Mobile Internet Industrial Park. The project covers six office buildings spanning over 348,000 square meters, and involves nearly 60,000 smart devices. Despite the complex signal environment and numerous product tests, Aqara has effectively improved management and energy efficiency, achieving remarkable results.


Xiaomi Technology Park

Xiaomi Science and Technology Park has realized centralized monitoring, fine measurements, interconnection, and comprehensive management in the basic Internet of Things.

Total number of devices

0 +
basic IoT points
monitoring and control points

Switches and controllers

Top-mounted thermostat and lighting controllers
0 m
of wires saved with wireless solution

Energy saved

20% – 30%

by automations and control of air conditioners, lights and sockets



0 +

Aqara office

By utilizing the Aqara smart system, enterprises can achieve various functions including insensible access controls, smart conference rooms, and smart office management, creating a healthy, comfortable, safe, and open office environment for employees. This, in turn, improves management efficiency and optimizes space and resource utilization, ultimately promoting energy saving, emission reduction, and comprehensive cost reduction.

Aqara office

0 m
of total building area
0 +
automation configured

Total number of devices

0 +
smart devices
0 +
monitoring and control points

Smart office utilization rate

0 hrs/yr
of smart meeting room reservations
0 times/yr
room occupancy detection with AI

Energy saved

20% – 30%

by automations and control of air conditioners, lights and sockets

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