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Aqara Developer Platform


The Aqara Developer Platform provides a one-stop IoT PaaS solution, providing customers with services such as smart hardware device integration, IoT cloud services, visualization etc. As the leading IoT open system, the Aqara Developer Platform helps enterprises build the Internet of Everything.

  • Efficient Integration
  • Multi-mode Integration
  • Smart Automation
  • Voice Control
  • Sales Channels
  • Device Control

Product Details

1. Application Management

It includes application creation, editing, review, and the configuration and management of application secret key, authorized user, device, address whitelist, etc.

2. Usage Statistics

It provides application interface requests and usage statistics, rankings, and visual presentation of message subscriptions.

3. Authorization Management

1) IoT platform: For projects created through the Aqara IoT Application Platform, users can perform device binding through the provided binding implementation tools in order to bind to the project.

2) Virtual account: Users can create a virtual Aqara account through the open platform interface, and assign the connection with the third-party account system. Users can bind the device to their account through the open SDK or implementation tools.

4. Device Types

It provides more than 9 categories and over 200 types of devices: hubs, switches, plugs, sensors, dimmers, lights, wireless remote controllers, environment controllers, sports and health accessories, curtain and shade controller, door lock, etc.

5. Open API

It provides 11 modules and 72 interfaces, including the management of location, device management, device resources, automation, scene, infrared control, and firmware, etc.

6. Message Push/Subscription

1) Subscription mode: support “Receive-all Mode” and “User-defined Subscription Mode”;

2) Push channel: supports HTTP and MQ message push.

7. App SDK

Provide SDK for device binding, device control, camera, door lock, curve, and OTA, which can be quickly integrated into the customer’s app, greatly reducing customers’ costs of development and integration.

Aqara IoT Application Platform


The Aqara IoT Application Platform is a comprehensive solution for project implementation and operation created by Aqara for business projects in various industries (real estate/buildings/hotels/campus/elderly care, etc.). The platform provides services such as device binding in batch, space design, scene configuration, operation and maintenance, and monitoring of operations in the smart space.

The Aqara IoT Application Platform improves project implementation efficiency, reduces post-operation costs, and provides full life cycle services for projects with low threshold and high value.

  • Efficient Implementation
  • Short Deployment Cycle
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
  • Convenient Operation
  • Stable System

Product Details

1. Account and Authorization Management

Users can define the roles and authorize them with different levels of authority to use different functions of the platform.

2. Smart Assistant

Users could log in to the smart assistant through an authorized account for device binding in batch.

3. Space Management

It provides space creation, space labeling and other functions.

4. Device Management

It supports device management such as device group control, configuration, upgrade, deletion, device execution log, etc.

5. Smart Management

It supports creating, editing, and deleting automations, scenes and condition sets, as well as automation triggering with different levels of scenes, scheduled execution and local automation based on weather, time, devices and condition set.

6. Alarm function

1) Alarm management: it supports alarm rule configuration, alarm processing, alarm log and other functions.

2) Alarm rules: it can ring an alarm based on device status (device offline, low battery, door and window opening and closing status, etc.), automations and scene execution success rate.

3) After an alarm is triggered, it can send messages via SMS, email, DingTalk group, and other methods.

7. Templates

1) With the templates, users can implement the same settings for similar types of rooms and quickly restore settings within a short amount of time when abnormalities occur.

2) Users can create a new templates or copy a template from the existing rooms.

AqaraLink Data Visualization Large Screen


Based on the B/S architecture, the Aqara Link Data Visualization Large Screen provides zero-code WEB configuration technology, and is capable of standardized and rapid implementation of WEB SCADA system. It has various components and solution templates for many industries and can realize the zero-code configuration. The convenient configuration method enables users to define the page resolution flexibly and realize efficient monitoring and visualization.

The AqaraLink Data Visualization Large Screen supports mobile app customization. The massive amounts of visual materials, and the highly customized data visualization large screen makes the data more intuitive.

  • Device Access Visualization
  • Large-screen Configuration Visualization
  • Cross-platform and Terminal Adaptation
  • Data Visualization
  • Massive Building and Template Materials

Product Details

1. Large Screen Management

Users can create, edit, and delete the screens, configure the resolution and basic parameters such as size, background image and color of the screen to be displayed on various kinds of devices.

2. Basic Components

It provides basic components including text, graphics, lines, pictures, slides, card flops, tabs, page carousels, picture carousels, videos, RTC live streams, etc.

3. Table & Curve Components

It provides a graphical display of table and curve components which can be configured in API mode.

4. Smart components

It supports the configuration of smart devices and scenes in a visual way to build the IoT visual monitoring screen.

5. Template configuration

It provides abundant templates, and users can quickly set up a large screen based on the templates.

6. Alarm setting

If you configure the alarms, when an alarm occurs, you can see and process the alarm on the monitoring screen.

7. Video surveillance

1) It can connect to cameras for video surveillance and supports the configuration of multiple cameras.

2) If cameras are added, when an event triggers the video, it will be pushed to the large screen to play as to realize video alarm monitoring.

8. Material library

It provides abundant IoT materials and provides users with customizable and flexible configuration of the large screen.

Smart Office Solution


The Smart Office Solution is an operation tool launched by Aqara to improve the digitalization of office space and internal operations. It is divided into two subsystems: the Conference System and the Personnel Management System.

Product Details

The Meeting Room System is a Meeting Room management platform which supports management of meeting room reservations on various devices. In addition, it can connect to smart devices in the office for status monitoring utilizing AI algorithm, which allows it to automatically turn on projection mode when occupancy is detected, and automatically turns off when people leave the room to save energy, etc., making the meetings more efficient and user-friendly.

1. Data Dashboard

It provides the statistics summary and visual presentation of meeting room usage data, including reservation rate, usage rate, number of reservations, etc.

2. Meeting Room Management

1) Meeting room management: Users can configure the meeting rooms, including reservation permissions, opening/closing time slots, etc.

2) Meeting reservation and management: Users can filter meeting reservation, check the meeting room reservation, etc.

3) System configuration: Users can configure the maximum reservation time, the longest reservation time scope, prohibited time period, access control, etc.

4) Users can configure the meeting room settings based on their personalized preferences.

3. Aqara Meeting Assistant

1) Aqara Meeting Assistant is available on both mobile and PC. Users can make meeting reservations and receive meeting room reservation information through the meeting assistant.

2) Supports seven intelligent reminders for conference appointments.

3) Supports periodic appointments and smart filtering of meeting rooms with multiple conditions.

4) The meeting assistant can connect with DingTalk, WeChat, and third-party enterprise OA systems, etc.

4. Meeting Room Control Panel

The meeting room control panel shows the status of reservations, including those for the next seven days, as well as environmental data (temperature, air quality, switch on/off, occupancy, etc.) for the space.

5. Status Detection with AI

1) With various smart devices installed in the meeting room, it can detect and display occupancy in the office in real time.

2) The meeting assistant can send reminders when the meeting is overtime or ends earlier than scheduled to improve the efficiency of the meeting rooms.

3) When the meeting room is not occupied, it will automatically turn off the lights and the AC, saving energy for the enterprise. The lights and the AC will automatically turn on when someone enters the meeting room.

2. Personnel Management System

The Personnel Management System provides an access control management solution utilizing AI for employees to access the building without physical contact. While providing convenience to employees, it may also efficiently control visitor admission and departure and help restrict access to confidential locations, thereby increasing business security.

1. Unobtrusive Access Control System

The Unobtrusive Access Control System, which can accommodate a face database of 50,000 persons, uses cameras positioned near doors to authenticate passersby and immediately opens the door for authorized passersby.

2. Access Control System with Face Recognition

The face recognition terminal authenticates personnel’s identity, and the door is automatically opened for those with authorization. It can support a face database of 50,000 people.

3. Access Control Management

1) Access control configuration: Access control configuration, effective period configuration, attendance configuration, etc.

2) Access control log: It supports filtering by usernames, face databases, access of control locations, departments, time and other conditions, and supports access log queries.

4. Personnel Management

1) It supports the management of multiple face databases, including employee face databases, VIP face databases, visitor face databases, temporary face databases, blacklist databases, etc.

2) It supports an unobtrusive access control system that can access the control system with facial recognition.

3) It can be connected to an enterprise OA systems such as DingTalk and Enterprise WeChat, to keep in sync with company personnel and organizational structure.

4) It supports the management of basic information of company employees and face database matching:

* Including an online visitor invitation system and an offline visitor registration system.

* Users can initiate visitor invitations online in the mini program, and can define the visit time period with the visitor face database management system.

*Compatible with the Aqara meeting management system and supports visitor meeting participation query.

* It supports the management of face information and the permissions of company visitors.

Smart Hotel System


The Smart Hotel System is a hotel industry system created by Aqara for hotel customers. It provides capabilities such as room management, customer demand management, hotel configuration, PMS docking, as well as a few small programs to empower hotel digitalization.

Product Details

1. Room Management

It provides unified room management capabilities: Manage check-in, check-out, room renewal, and receive cleaning notifications.

2. Customer Demand Management

1) Customer demand statistics and processing: Total number of (the status) of customer demands, the average number of demands per customer, the number of demands to be processed, and customer demand processing.

2) It provides over 100 hotel service templates, and the hotel can quickly configure the service system based on their services to meet the customer’s demands and inquiries.

3. Hotel configuration

According to the hotel’s smart devices, it provides standard automations and scene configuration solutions that can be quickly applied to all hotel rooms through the template function. It also provides configurations such as a mini program homepage and a welcome speech to enhance the hotel brand image.

4. PMS docking

It supports docking with PMS and can automatically complete hotel service requirements such as room check-in, check-out, customer demand push and other hotel service needs.

5. Mini programs

Guests can master and control room status through the mini program, such as viewing room environment information, control room equipment, unlock, control room scenes, etc.

Smart Real Estate


Aqara smart real estate solution provides functions such as unobtrusive access control with AI, video surveillance with AI, holistic smart home solutions, home and community security protection, etc. It can also be connected with the comprehensive community management platform, enabling owners to enjoy a safe, comfortable and convenient community life while improving property management efficiency and service quality.


Aqara’s all-encompassing smart home solution also includes the ability to control lighting and home appliances as well as additional features like smart environment monitoring, smart security, and converting standard home appliances into smart ones.


Owners can customize smart scenes with their own preferences. With Aqara sensors and various automations and scenes, Aqara can help create a unobtrusive smart home experience and enhance the competitiveness of the real estate industry.


  1. Unobtrusive access control with AI (in the community): With face recognition access control, apartment owners or visitors can enter and exit communities and buildings easily, without having to bring keys or cards, which can bringsmore convenience to the owner and improvesthe efficiency of property management.
  1. Smart monitoring with AI (in the community): With the deployment of smart monitoring systems at the entrances and exits of the community, building gates, and the intersection of main roads in the community, etc., security management and control such as face capture, stranger identification, and trajectory tracking are carried out, abnormal situations are automatically reported to ensure community safety and reduce property management costs.
  1. Smart security (in the home): smart door locks, cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors, smoke detectors and other devices will guard your home 24 hours a day, and send alarms promptly if abnormalities are discovered, ensuring the safety of family members and property.
  1. Smart dimming (in the home): The smart control of various kinds of lights can be implemented based on the scenes, for example, the brightness and color temperature of the lights can be changed automatically with the time in a day, creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere for life.
  1. Home appliance control (in the home): control home appliances such as air conditioners, TVs and curtains automatically, and perform scenes and automations with other devices, so that home appliances can be controlled easily.
  1. Environment monitoring (in the home): real-time monitoring of data such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, and air quality in homes through sensors and automatic control of home appliances such as air conditioners and air purifiers to create a comfortable environment for living.
  1. AI analysis (in the home): With AI voice control, AI voice configuration automations, AI gesture/face recognition and AI data analysis, etc., this provides services such as smart reminders, active suggestions and automation recommendations, so that your home can understand you better.
  2. Home and community security linkage (in the home): Under the premise of apartment owner’s authorization, if an emergency occurs in the owner’s home, the alarm information will be pushed to property management center in real time, and property management center can confirm and deal with the situation, which can showcase the thoughtful and caring services of the property management center.

Smart Community


The Aqara smart community solution can carry out functions such as unobtrusive access control, holistic smart home automation, smart monitoring, and linkage between home and community security, making life in the community more convenient, management more efficient, and service more thoughtful.


  1. Unobtrusive access control: Users can enter the community and home with face recognition at the community entrance, elevator, and door lock at home, making access more convenient.


  1. Smart monitoring:The property management center can use AI to analyze the surveillance footage for features like face control, trajectory query, behavior analysis, smart alert, etc. to ensure the safety of community members 24/7 and cut down on staff costs associated with property security and maintenance.


  1. Smart home: With abundant scene modes, automations and multiple control methods, it can utilize smart control of lighting, curtains, air conditioners and other appliances in the home, and protect family and property safety through smart security solutions.


  1. With the apartment owner’s authorization, water, electricity and gas can be connected to the community which protects the security and safety of the residents in the community.

Smart Elderly Care


With Zigbee technology, the Aqara IoT Platform, big data and AI technology, Aqara smart elderly care solution helps support and manage the daily life of the elderly including health and safety, life convenience, entertainment and leisure and other aspects.


A friendly, autonomous, and customized interaction for the elderly is made possible by the automatic monitoring, early warning, and even active management of information pertaining to seniors. This technology also supports the provision of home-based elderly care services to achieve socially intelligent elderly care services in partnership with communities and elderly care institutions.


  1. Create a comfortable and healthy living environment: Improving the air, water, light and noise living environment of the elderly.


  1. Make daily life more convenient: Assisting the elderly in daily life care such as transportation, bathing, etc.


  1. 24hr care and AI security: Home security is integrated with 24 hour home health and friendly reminders to offer a guarantee of safety and comfort.


  1. Help you enjoy the care and companionship of children all the time: The time and spatial distance between the elderly and their children is reduced by digital management and remote connectivity.


  1. Customizable based on your habits: The solution canenrich the senior life scenario experience, inheriting seniors’ frugal habits to help achieve carbon neutrality.


  1. Enjoy care of the whole society at home: The open system enables multi-platform integration among home, community and medical institutions, and the whole society can work together to provide services for the elderly.

Smart Hotel


Aqara smart hotel solution is suitable for hotels, homestays, etc. With the Aqara smart hotel system and smart devices, we provide AIoT integrated hotel smart services for different types of hotels, creating an immersive and comprehensive smart space experience for hotel guests, and providing smart service for hotel guests throughout the stay, giving guests a more convenient check-in experience while improving the hotel service quality and reducing hotel operating costs.


  1. Functions

(1) Intelligentization of the entire check-in process: Online reservations and payment, smart check-ins, elevator control with facial recognition, voice customer control/demand, robot deliveries, one-click check-out and invoicing.

(2) Smart room control: welcome speech, music control, movie control, lighting control, temperature control, curtain control, smart bathroom, smart door locking, sleep monitoring, scene customization, voice customer demand, customer control mini program, etc.

  1. Values:

(1) Improves hotel image: It helps upgrade the hotel service and build up a brand new image for hotels.

(2) Low retrofit cost: The wireless technology saves the cost of physical wires.

(3) Improve user experience: Automatically adjust indoor lighting, curtains, temperature, etc., so that guests can always enjoy a comfortable environment.

(4) Reduce energy consumption: On average, lighting and central air-conditioning consume 70% of the energy in a project, and the smart hotel solution can help reduce energy usage by 30%.

(5) More reliable and stable solution: With the software and hardware integrated solution, it provides users with an IoT platform that is more powerful, cost-effective and stable.

(6) Improve operation efficiency: It helps improve the efficiency through automatic control, centralized control, and simplified operation; functions such as remote and background management improve management efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Smart Office


Aqara smart office solution provides enterprises with a complete solution for office buildings. Based on the Aqara IoT system and smart office SaaS applications, it provides digital services for enterprise operations. With IoT devices, it can help manage and control lighting, HVAC, shading, water and electricity security, providing environment monitoring, office energy consumption management, security management and real-time message push services, etc. It also provides customizable scenes for different areas to provide a comfortable, safe and healthy office environment while saving energy, and improving the work efficiency of employees.

Additionally, with Aqara’s capabilities in big data and AI technology, it can implement space management, hierarchical partition access control, AI smart scenes, AI entrance/exit control, AI attendance, AI pedestrian trajectory monitoring, and meeting room reservation management.

With our powerful data integration and automated processing capabilities, enterprises can achieve data-driven energy conservation, significantly cut energy usage and operational expenses, save energy, and minimize carbon emissions.


  1. Smart access control:It makes access control and attendance more convenient, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Fast Pass
  • Automatic Clock-in/out
  • Suspicious Person Detection
  • Risk Warning
  • Smart Welcome
  • Unmanned Security Guard
  1. Smart meeting: Never delay any important meeting.
  • Check-in with Face Recognition
  • Timeout Warning
  • Resource Release
  • Participation Reminder
  • Projection Scene
  • Schedule Display
  1. Smart workstation: Provides better office experience and improves work efficiency.
  • Temperature Adjustment
  • Smart Reminder
  • Sedentary Warning
  • Office Mode
  • Lunch Break Mode
  • Off Work Mode
  1. Smart administration: It helps with data visualization, smart decision-making, energy saving and efficiency enhancement, and security protection.
  • Attendance Analysis
  • Energy Consumption Control
  • Auxiliary Decision-Making
  • Suspicious Person Warning
  • Fire Warning
  • One-button Arming

Beijing Xiaomi Technology Park

Xiaomi Mobile Internet Industrial Park is located on the west side of Xisanqi, Beijing, and is adjacent to Beijing Shangdi, which is close to Baidu, Lenovo and other industrial parks. It is divided into 6 office buildings and 8 office units, covering an area of 348,000 square meters.


There are nearly 60,000 Aqara smart devices installed in this project. With a large amount of devices installed, the wireless network inside the buildings are extremely complicated. After implementing and testing this for 3 years, the wireless system has been in stable operation for 2 years. The lighting, air conditioning, security equipments, sunshades and other electrical equipment now can be managed together, which enhances management efficiency and energy utilization, contributing to intelligent park management.

LG U+ My Home Guard 2

In 2020, the top telecom operator in South Korea, LG U+ joined hands with Aqara to provide users with the home security service, My Home Guard, which enables users to achieve simple home protection. The service was well received by users, and the two companies launched an upgraded package My Home Guard 2 in 2022.

Through monthly paid subscriptions, users can obtain home security devices such as cameras, door and window sensors, etc., during the service period. They can check real-time conditions at home anytime, anywhere, as well as enjoy services such as abnormal intrusion detection, mobile phone notification push, and the ability to call the police in one click in case of theft, fire, etc. Users can also use the camera video cloud backup as evidence for insurance claims.

With the continuous growth of My Home Guard users, the cooperation between the two parties has effectively promoted the implementation and popularization of smart homes. In addition, Aqara helps customers achieve brand differentiation and enhance brand competitiveness through professional services for target consumers.

Ocean City Community

Ocean City is located in Xicheng New District, Zhanjiang, Guangdong. It covers an area of about 180,000 square meters, with a total building area of over 700,000 square meters. It has over 50 buildings and a total of about 4,325 households.

This project utilizes a smart lock, hub, smart switch, air conditioner controller, curtain controller, motion sensor etc., for smart lighting, home security, air conditioning and curtain control, home arrival and home leaving scenes. In addition, the apartment owners can authorize the property management center to access the smart system. When incidents such as a fire or burglary occur, the property management center can be notified immediately and provide prompt assistance, which helps form the connection between tenants and the community and create a healthy and livable smart community model.

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu. It is a comprehensive national key university under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology featuring aerospace and civil aviation characteristics and is mainly engaged in science and engineering. The university has three campuses: Ming Palace, Jiangjun Road and Tianmu Lake. The campuses cover an area of 3,046 mu, with a construction area of 1.678 million square meters, with 18 colleges and 62 undergraduate majors.


As the second smart campus project launched by Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aqara has carried out smart transformations such as security, personnel management, smart lighting, and environment management for classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, buildings, and public areas on the campuses. The renovated smart classroom can identify classroom occupancy through AI images, making it easier for students to find study rooms and improve classroom efficiency; lighting, environment, and audio-visual equipment have also been intelligently upgraded, including air quality testing, automated lighting, audio-visual equipment linkage, etc.


The transformation of laboratories mainly includes access management and environmental security. The dormitories are equipped with Aqara smart door locks. With smart sockets, smart switches and other smart devices in the dormitory, it helps equipment management in a unified way, ensuring safe electric usage while providing electricity usage statistics for energy saving.

Aqara Headquarter Building

Aqara headquarter includes a total of 5 floors, and each floor covers nearly 2,315 square meters with more than 40 conference rooms, and more than 1,000 people in the company, including offices, showrooms, warehouses, activity areas, reception area, bathrooms and other spaces. This project covers 11,500 square meters and about 7,000+ smart devices; through the Aqara smart system, it realizes unobtrusive access control, meeting room management, smart office, etc., and monitors lights, HVAC, curtains, and temperature and humidity in more than ten kinds of spaces. Employees can access the building without physical contact, making meeting room reservation and management online easy. The lighting, shading, HVAC and other systems and devices run automatically or regularly on demand and help energy monitoring and security monitoring throughout the whole area, creating a healthy, comfortable, safe and open office environment for employees. In addition, it helps the company improve management efficiency, space, and resource utilization, which is more conducive to energy saving, emission reduction and overall cost reduction.

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