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How do Aqara smoke alarms work?

Aqara smoke alarms use the principle of scattering of light by smoke particles. When the smoke concentration is higher, the more pronounced the scattering is and the stronger the photocurrent generated, thus triggering a fire alarm.

Can Aqara smoke alarms be used alone?

Aqara smoke alarm can be used alone, only local sound and light alarm when not connected to the gateway, and remote alarm and intelligent linkage when connected to ZigBee gateway.

What are the possible reasons for the failure to add Aqara smoke alarms?

1、Operation error, please re-add the device according to the instructions or the App.
2、The distance between the device and the gateway is too far or too much blocking, it is recommended that the distance is not more than 20 meters and the blocking is not more than two walls, please try again after the device is close to the gateway.
3、 The current gateway does not support the addition of the device, more supported gateway models, please consult customer service

What are the precautions for installing Aqara smoke alarms?

1、The equipment is for indoor installation only.
2、It should not be installed in places such as kitchens where non-fire smoke and vapour are likely to interfere.
3、It should not be installed in places where water vapour is likely to interfere, such as bathrooms.
4、It should be kept at a distance of more than 1.5 meters from ventilation fans, air conditioners and vents.
5、It should be kept at a distance of more than 0.5m from walls, beams and obstructions.
6、Should be installed horizontally, when it is necessary to tilt the installation, the tilt angle should not be greater than 45 degrees.
7、It should not be installed in places where the temperature is below -10C or above 55C.
8、It is recommended to use the screw installation method.
9、When using the paste method of installation, the installation surface must be cleaned beforehand to ensure that the installation surface is smooth, flat, dry and clean;

What are the possible causes of false fire alarms with Aqara smoke alarms?

1、 False alarms caused by cooking fumes or steam.
2、False alarm caused by condensation on the equipment due to humid weather.
3、 The use of incense, electric mosquito incense, etc. caused by false alarms.
4、 Spraying air freshener, insecticide, etc. causes false alarms caused by the accumulation of large amounts of dust inside the equipment.

How to silence the Aqara smoke alarm after a false alarm?消音?

Press the silence/self-test button on the face of the device; or open the mobile app and click on the "silence" button on the device's alarm page to stop the alarm sound.

How long will the alarm sound stop after the Aqara smoke alarm is silenced?

1、 Silencing in case of fire alarm, the alarm tone will stop for approx. 80s.
2、 Silencing in case of fault, low battery, the alarm tone will stop for approx. 8 hours.

What do the flashing lights and chirps of Aqara smoke alarms mean?

1、Fire alarm: red light flashes every 1s, with one chirp every 1 second and one pause every three sounds.
2、Linkage alarm: red light flashes once every 4s, with a chirp every 1 second and a pause every three sounds.
3、Battery low: 1 yellow light flashes every 48s, with a chirp every 48s.
4、 Fault: 3 yellow lights flash every 48s, while three chirps every 48s

Under what circumstances does the Aqara smoke alarm need to be reset? How do I reset it?

1、 If the device is already connected to a Zigbee gateway and you want to change to connect to another new gateway, you will need to smoke to reset and reconnect.
2、 Quickly press the silence/self-test button three times and see the green light blink three times in succession to indicate that the device is starting to reset;"

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