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What is Ark Technology?

Ark technology is a distributed multi-level localized disaster recovery technology in the Aqara smart home system. Currently, Ark technology has been updated to version 2.0. It includes hub local automation capability, multi-hub standby replacement, proxy hub disaster recovery,etc., when cloud servers, Internet, router, hub running fault, It can provide disaster recovery protection against these issues at multiple levels, try it best to ensure local automation and scenario execution, and enhance the reliability and stability of the Aqara smart home system.

What is proxy hub disaster recovery capability?

When Aqara hub products (Like Hub M3, Hub M2, Air Conditioning P3, Camera Hub G3 ) running fault or powered off, some Zigbee devices which been connected to them can act as a "proxy hub", and the "proxy hub" is responsible for the execution of some basic local automation and scenarios.

Which devices are currently supported as proxy hub? (Some of the following products are only available in some countries or regions)

Smart scene panel switch S1 (requires firmware version no less than 5.2.6_0559)
Curtain Controller C3 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0012)
LED Strip T1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_2729)
LED strip driver T1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0024)
Ceiling Light T1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0026)
Spotlight V1 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0025)
Wall Outlet H2 (requires firmware version no less than 0.0.0_0027)

What are the precautions for proxy hub disaster recovery?

1. You need update the firmware of the device (including hub, proxy hub, other Zigbee Router) to the latest version.
2. Proxy hub disaster recovery technology can only support some simple automation conditions and actions (such as turn on/off the device).

Why the other AI functions cannot be available after the gesture recognition is enabled?

After the gesture recognition is enabled, it will consume more hardware computing resources, so the face, human shape and pet recognition and other automations related to PTZ are not available. If you disable gesture recognition, other AI functions are available.

Why are event messages and alarm videos not reported and recorded after the gesture recognition is enabled?

Gesture recognition function can be used as the execution condition of automatic control. It can achieve the linkage control of accessory by making a specified static gesture in front of the camera. It is the behavior initiated by the user, and it is not reported as an alarm event or recorded video.

What can we do with face recognition? How to enable it?

1.Face recognition can be used as the condition of family alert or automatic execution to realize the functions of reporting alarm information and triggering execution automation when detecting unfamiliar or marked faces.
2.Using face recognition for the first time, the Aqara Home APP will guide users to add and synchronize face information to the camera. Face information is stored in the cloud server in the unit of family. Users can synchronize face information to multiple G3 cameras to realize batch operation, and can also add and import faces in the app's setting option. Users can delete face information on their own initiative, and all uploaded face information will be cleared after reset.

Why are the AI functions unavailable during the firmware upgrade?

The related processes of AI functions(including face, human shape, gesture and pet recognition) will be stopped to ensure the upgrade speed and performance, so the above AI functions are disabled until the upgrade is completed.

Can AI function be used in night vision mode?

Gesture, face, human and pet recognition algorithms all rely on image color information. In night vision mode, the video is gray image, which will affect the effect of AI recognition. It is recommended to experience them only in color mode.

What is the network transmission bandwidth required by the camera?

Aqara Camera Hub G3 applies the variable bitrate technology to ensure the 2K Full HD video under various working conditions, and the maximal bitrate is 3.5Mbps when the camera is rotating. To ensure smooth remote viewing, the uplink and downlink bandwidth are required to be higher than that bitrate.

Why the PTZ cannot be rotated to the limit position via the app?

The manual adjustment to the position of the PTZ in the power-on state will lead to the position memory disturbance of the camera. The PTZ can be rotated to the limit position after clicking the one-button PTZ calibration in the Settings - PTZ Settings.

Why is it difficult or unable to connect to the network by scanning the QR code?

The minimum screen size of the code scanning terminal (such as mobile phone and pad) supported by the camera is 4.7 inches, with the name and password of WLAN of up to 32 ASCII characters (numbers, letters, special symbols), and the best code scanning distance between the QR code and the camera is 8-20cm.

What is the maximum capacity of external memory card supported by the camera? Can the camera save the videos on MicroSD card even if it is disconnected from the network?

1. The camera supports 128GB MicroSD card and supports the exFat and FAT32 formats
2. Yes. After the device connects to the network successfully, the videos to be saved on the MicroSD card can still be recorded in case of any network disconnection, but these videos saved on the MicroSD card cannot be viewed remotely via app.

What is associated events label? How do I use it?

1.The associated events label mean that the local video recorded by camera can be marked by different events. For example, if the door and window sensor is enabled or the camera detects any motion, the camera will mark the time and location of this event in the video footage saved in the MicroSD card for further retrieve.
2.Configuration path: “Settings” - “More Settings” - “Alert Setting”, select “Trigger Device” - “Color” - “Save” of the associated events.

How many clients can watch the videos on one camera at the same time?

There is no limit on the number of connected clients, however, it is recommended that no more than 4 users watch videos simultaneously. The more apps connected, the more processor resource consumed (too many users connected will cause real-time screen lag and delay).

Why is the local area network control available, but the remote control not after the camera is connected to the HomeKit?

After adding the device to the Apple Home APP, a HomePod or Apple TV (tvOS 11.0 or above) or an iPad (iOS 12.0 or above) that has been set up as the household pivot is required to achieve remote control. Refer to the prompts of Apple Home APP for specific operation.

What kind of bracket can be used for wall installation or ceiling installation of the camera?

The Aqara Camera Hub G3 has reserved a standard 1/4" nut hole at the bottom for connecting to the brackets with 1/4" nut, so users can choose the installing brackets recommended by Aqara or other applicable brackets for wall installation or ceiling installation of the camera through the above-mentioned connection method.

How to adjust the video frame after inverted installation of the camera?

Enter the App, click the upper right corner "Settings" - “More Settings” - “Camera Settings” - “Video Settings” - “Installation Methods”, select "Place Upside Down", and the PTZ control and video display will work properly.

What kinds of WiFi network does the camera support?

The camera supports 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi network, and the Wi-Fi networks with WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA3, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security and encryption mechanism.

How to use the infrared remote control function?

Before using the infrared remote control function, the electric appliances to be controlled should be added, then the APP is used as the remote controller to control the electric appliances. If the electric appliance is not in the list of supported devices, you can add the electric appliance through " Customlize ". However, this function is available only for the electric appliance that supports infrared control.

Why the camera cannot be controlled of the PTZ after it is connected to HomeKit?

The functions related to camera PTZ control are unavailable temporarily in Apple Home APP until the subsequent update version supports such functions. However, the camera can be controlled the rotation of the PTZ via the Aqara Home APP.

What are the maximum horizontal and vertical rotation angles of PTZ?

The maximum horizontal rotation angle is 340 degrees and the maximum vertical rotation angle is 45 degrees (30 degrees up and 15 degrees down)

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