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How does Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) connect to the network?

You can scan the QR code to connect Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) to the network. After the device is powered on, please open the app and connect the device to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, according to the voice prompt. Then, the QR code is generated, and you can scan the QR code through the G2H lens for the network connection.

What kind of Wi-Fi can Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) connect to?

Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) supports the Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz IEEE802.11b/g/n protocol, and does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Why can't Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) connect to Wi-Fi?

1. The distance between the device and the wireless router is too far away or there are many obstacles in the middle. When the Wi-Fi signal is weak, the network connection may be unsuccessful. Please use a Wi-Fi signal amplifier to relay the signal or move the router close to a place where the device can receive the Wi-Fi signal well 2. When the wrong Wi-Fi information is entered, the network connection cannot be completed. Please enter the correct information and try again.

What does the hub function of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) do?

The hub of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) can be connected with Aqara's other smart sensors and controllers, such as door and window sensor, motion sensor, smart plug, wireless switch and other devices. Through the hub function, you can control these smart devices by app. The hub is the data interaction and control center of the entire home smart devices.

How does the hub of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) connect to sub-devices? How many sub-devices does the hub support at most?

The hub of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) can be connected through the ZigBee 3.0 protocol, and it can directly support 32 Zigbee terminal devices at most.

What format of MicroSD card does Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) support? What is the maximum capacity of MicroSD card?

Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) supports MicroSD card in FAT32 format, whose reading and writing speed is Class 4 or above. It is recommended to choose the MicroSD card with reading and writing speed of Class10 or above, which supports the maximum capacity of 32GB.

How long can MicroSD card of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) record video?

Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) can record high-definition video by default. 8G memory card can record video for 18 hours; 16G memory card can record video for 36 hours; 32G memory card can record video for about 3 days.

Why is the capacity of the inserted MicroSD card on the nameplate different from that displayed in the app?

1. Some knockoffs of small-capacity memory cards pretend to be sold as large-capacity cards; 2. After some devices have been tested, the MicroSD cards could be maliciously partitioned, and the devices can only read the partition partially; 3. Because the manufacturer's capacity formula is different (the actual measurement unit of normal capacity is 1024KB=1MB, and the manufacturer measurement unit is 1000KB=1MB.), the actual capacity will be slightly smaller than that on the nameplate.

Can Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) use MicroSD card to record video when there is no network connection?

Yes, you can't view the video in the MicroSD card remotely through the app without network connection.

What is the correlation event of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub)?

The correlation event means that Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) can be correlated with devices in the same home, such as when door and window sensor is triggered, after detecting human motion, the hub can help locate the time position of the event in the recording area. The maximum number of correlation events is 100. Set a correlation event: click the app > "Correlation events" in the lower right corner > select the trigger device for the correlation event > select the color > save.

How many clients does single Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) support to watch video at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of clients, and it is recommended that 4 users watch at the same time at most, because the more clients the hub is connected with, the more resources the processor consumes (too many client connections will cause real-time image to freeze, delay, etc.)

Why can't remote control be realized after the hub and its sub-devices connect to HomeKit?

After adding the device to the Apple Home app, you need to install a HomePod, Apple TV (tvOS 11.0 or later) or an iPad (iOS 12.0 or later) that has been set as the home center to realize remote control. For specific operations, please refer to the Apple Home app instructions.

How to install the bracket of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub)?

The bracket base of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) contains two powerful magnets, which support magnetic attraction on refrigerators, iron door and other objects, and can also be stuck to non-magnetic attraction objects by using the 3M tape and iron pieces in the accessories. Please use them to install the bracket.

What if the video image of Aqara Smart Camera G2H (Hub) is inverted?

Enter the app, click on the “...” in the upper right corner > More settings > Camera settings > Video settings > Image inversion, and correct the video image by adjusting it up and down or left and right.

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