Pet-Friendly DIY Home Security Solutions for Your Home

Pet-Friendly DIY Home Security Solutions for Your Home

Pets are important members of the family in many homes. If you are a pet owner, then the chances are that your priority is to ensure they are safe even when you are not around. How can you then keep them from possible risk and danger?

Your furry friends deserve a safe home along with your loved ones. Home security plays a crucial role in keeping them safe from potential threats in and out of your home. Let’s explore the advantages of pet-friendly smart home security solutions for your home!

What Makes Smart Home Security Pet-Friendly?

If you think of safety, the first thing you expect is peace of mind. When you consider a smart home security solution, would it give you peace of mind? Would it make you feel secure?

If you have cats and dogs, having reliable smart home security can make home life easier. A system with your pets in mind would not trigger false alarms. The system can be customized according to your needs.

Safety features also make a smart home a more comfortable place for your pets. You can’t risk them getting hurt when you are away. It also prevents them from accidentally going out of the house.

Best Pet-Friendly Smart Home Devices for DIY Home Security

Pet-Friendly DIY Home Security Solutions for Your Home

The best pet-friendly smart home devices can connect to work as one in keeping your beloved pets safe. Here are the DIY home security devices you may need to consider:

1. Camera Hubs (Indoor and Outdoor)

Many camera hubs in the market are designed to recognize human facial expressions and gestures. But with the Aqara Camera Hub G3, you can also monitor and track your pet’s movements. It sends you phone notifications for notable updates, even when you’re not at home.

In case this smart camera senses that something is off with your pet, it records and instantly sends you that message. It can also record a short clip summarizing what happened during the day.

2. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can alert you in case there is a problem from a distance. In case it detects movement, it automatically switches off or on. Motion sensors won’t require you to have professional installation. You won’t need any tools to fix it either. All you need to do is stick or place it anywhere you want, and it is also compatible with Alexa, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, and Zigbee.

3. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats keep your pets warm and regulate temperature. Save your heating energy, and create a smarter and more comfortable home for your pet with smart thermostats. It can make adjustments according to your liking. Turn your home into a comfy habitat for your pets. It is easy to install on your own since it does not require additional tools.

4. Smart Pet Feeder

Are you planning on traveling and won’t be going with your pet, but you are worried they may not have their meals at the right time? A smart pet feeder is all you need. It checks your pet’s feeding time, and you can use it to feed it as you wish. Your pet will have a pattern to follow because you can schedule it too. During these scheduled times you can use a recorded voice to call them to feed each time. You can use this smart gadget to train and reward your dog or cat.

5. Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors detect movement should the door or the window open. These pet-friendly smart home devices alert you in real time. In case the window or the door is opened, the lights will automatically switch themselves on or off, alerting you. Door and window sensors can be placed in areas your pets frequent too.

6. Smart Lights and Switches

Are you already away from home and you forgot to switch off the lights? With smart lights and switches, you won’t have to worry because it will do the job for you. All you need to do is open the app, check the status of your lights back at home, and then switch them on or off. It allows you to schedule when you need the lights on or off, and it will automatically switch to the set mode.

7. Smoke and Gas Detectors

Should a fire start in your home and your pets are inside, it’s better to have alarms to make sure everyone can be safely evacuated. But it’s ultimately better to prepare before it’s too late. Having a smoke detector and gas detector at home can help you prevent fire before it even happens.

Smoke detectors, gas leak detectors, and sprinklers work hand-in-hand to keep your family and fur friends safe. This system instantly triggers the alarm and you would be notified immediately as soon as smoke and gas (methane) leaks are detected inside your home.

How to Avoid False Alarms Caused by Your Pet

Pet-Friendly DIY Home Security Solutions for Your Home

One of the most accurate ways of preventing false alarms is by investing in a reliable DIY home security system. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you have a pet-friendly smart home, ensure that the alarm system is positioned where your pet cannot access it. 

You can also ask your service provider where the best place to position your gadget would be. It is also advisable to have pet motion sensors so that your fluffy friends will not accidentally set off the alarm.

Where to Buy Pet-Friendly Smart Home Devices

Get smart home devices from trusted brands like Aqara, so you can get the DIY home security solutions you need. You can check the dealers near you or check out our “Where To Buy” page where you can buy your own Aqara products.

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