The Best Alexa Smart Home Compatible Devices

By creating a smart home ecosystem, you can automate many functions in your home, freeing you up for other tasks. Alexa smart home compatible devices allow you to streamline things even further. Read on to learn more about some of the best Alexa-compatible devices.

best alexa snart home devices

The Amazon Alexa Smart Home Ecosystem

The Amazon Alexa smart home ecosystem allows you to connect all the smart devices in your home under the Amazon Alexa umbrella. All the devices can be controlled through your Amazon smart speaker, smart display or the Alexa app.

Using your smart devices is so much easier when they’re all connected through one device. Otherwise, you’ll always be searching for the correct app to control each product. You’ll be using the time that smart devices are intended to save.

You connect all of your smart devices to Alexa through your home’s Wi-Fi. As long as the device is configured to work with Alexa, you can go into the Alexa app or ask Alexa to add the device.

From there, you can create Alexa Routines to streamline your home’s functioning. Routines make it easy for you to group certain actions, such as turning on lights and changing the thermostat with one command.

The Best Alexa Smart Home Compatible Devices From Aqara

Many Aqara’s smart devices are compatible with Alexa. Below are a few of our most popular products and how they can enhance your smart home.

Aqara Hub G3

The Aqara Hub G3 is designed to manage your home security needs and also acts as a manager for all of your other Aqara smart products.

The camera can cover an entire room with its 360-degree camera. AI features allow the Hub to learn your family’s faces and your pets so that you don’t get unnecessary alerts. AI also triggers set automations based on each family member. HD video recording ensures that you get quality footage.

Key Features

  • Built-in Zigbee 3.0 hub for home automation
  • 2K video resolution
  • Privacy protection mode
  • Local infrared control
  • Smart gesture recognition

TVOC Air Quality Monitor

Pollutants inside your home can be a real concern. Many of the household items you use daily can release these compounds into the air. Aqara’s TVOC Air Quality Monitor can help ease your worries by ensuring you’re always aware of your home’s air quality.

The system integrates well with other Aqara devices, keeping your home safe without any intervention from you. For example, if high temperatures are detected that can increase the number of pollutants in your air, the monitor can turn on your fan or A/C unit if you have the corresponding smart devices.

Key Features

  • Can be mounted or used as a portable
  • Long-term data tracking
  • TVOC, temperature and humidity sensors

Door and Window Sensor

Aqara’s door and window sensor makes it easy to detect if a window or door is opened in your home. Simply peel and stick the tags and the sensor is ready to go. You can always know if someone is trying to get into your home.

You can also use the sensors in conjunction with other Aqara products to create convenient functions. For example, a light can be programmed to turn on when a particular door is opened.

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • 2-year battery life

Motion Sensor

Aqara’s motion sensor makes it easy to secure any area in your home. Simply use the sticker to place it in any location and set the alarm feature. Its 170-degree view will let you know if anyone is in the room.

You can also integrate with other systems to perform functions like turning on a light when someone enters a room.

Key Features

  • High-grade Japanese infrared sensor
  • Can be attached to almost any surface in any direction

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Aqara’s temperature and humidity sensor makes it easy to keep track of your home’s conditions from any location. Whether you have plants, pets or other things that need a consistent temperature and humidity level, this sensor can help.

When paired with other Aqara devices, it can perform functions like turning on a humidifier if the humidity gets too low.

Key Features

  • Industrial-grade sensor
  • Historical data tracking

Smart Wall Switch

Aqara’s smart home switch provides endless opportunities for remotely or automatically turning on lights. This switch allows you to turn on lights remotely, with a timer or with sensors.

Key Features

  • Can be voice-activated
  • Integrates with other Aqara products
  • Multi-way control

Smart Plug

An Aqara smart plug easily lets you make any appliance a smart device. You can turn your appliances on with your voice or the Alexa app. You can automate functions like turning on your coffee pot before you even get out of bed.

Key Features

  • Monitors power consumption
  • Prevents overheating and overloading

Aqara Cube

The Aqara Cube is a fun device that lets you control all of your Aqara smart devices from the palm of your hand. Simple gestures like tapping, flipping and shaking activate different devices.

Key Features

  • 6-axis sensor for accuracy
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

Automate Your Life

The more Alexa smart home compatible devices you integrate, the easier it is for your home to function. When all of these products work together, you can put your time to other uses and rest easy knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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