Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription

Gone are the days when video doorbells meant signing up for expensive monthly subscriptions. Today, homeowners have a growing selection of high-quality video doorbells that offer peace of mind without hidden fees. 

Smart video doorbells allow communication between the owner and guests visiting the house. These video doorbells can offer several options and features based on your budget. They include issuing alerts, smart home compatibility, night vision and artificial intelligence. You can also choose between hardwired power sources or rechargeable batteries.

This guide explores the best video doorbell without subscription, why it’s a good option for many homeowners, its importance and benefits, and alternatives for subscription, among others. 

Do Video Doorbells Require Subscriptions?

Yes and No. It’s not easy to give a definitive answer because it depends on your priorities and budget for home security

You can opt for video doorbells that do not require subscriptions. Even some brands with no subscription plan can usually allow live feeds but no cloud storage options. 

Aqara smart video doorbells use a free local storage option for your recordings. If you opt for a video doorbell without a subscription, you can use a MicroSD card housed in the Chime Repeater so it can’t be tampered with or accessed outdoors. 

The Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 doesn’t require subscriptions for data storage. It supports MicroSD cards of up to 512GB so you can record 24/7. You can enjoy a free 7-day cloud storage and upgrade when you want a cloud storage subscription. Plus, your video recordings with the G4 can now be automatically backed up by SMB NAS storage.

It uses a Chime Repeater that deters external tampering. In case of tampering, the video doorbell camera can record the last 6 seconds and send it to the cloud. But iCloud or other supported third-party cloud storage is not included and should be controlled separately via the respective app.

Why Are Video Doorbell Recordings Important?

Crime Prevention 

The installation of video doorbells serves as a security mechanism to prevent crime from happening. If there are any potential intruders in the home, they will most likely leave the premises if they know they are being recorded. According to research by the University of North Carolina, 60% of intruders and burglars will leave the premises if the video doorbell is present.

Remote Monitoring

The video doorbells allow for connectivity and remote monitoring. Many video doorbells offer remote access to monitor your house from your mobile device easily. It also offers flexibility since you can use your phone from any location as long as it has internet connectivity.

Recorded Footage

If there is any crime, the doorbells can help capture the footage. This footage can be used as evidence to help identify intruders and capture their actions. When you often have packages delivered at home, video recordings can help identify and stop package theft. According to a Consumer Reports survey, 21% of homeowners who had their packages stolen installed a video doorbell.

Real-Time Alerts

Technological developments have enabled the integration of alerts and artificial intelligence features into video doorbells. The doorbells now have motion sensors and alerts that are sent in real-time, helping you respond quickly to any suspicious events.

What Are Alternative Storage Options For Video Doorbells?

If you opt for a video doorbell without a subscription, several storage options are available. These alternative storage options can be selected based on several factors, including storage capacity, security, ease of access, and technical capabilities such as fault tolerance. 

Depending on your needs, technological preferences, and network configuration, here are some alternative storage options.

1. Micro SD Card

A micro SD card is a removable storage card that can store data. These cards come in different sizes, types, and models which are also easy to use when inserted into compatible video doorbell slots. 

Some benefits of using the Micro SD card include its ease of use, low costs, and offline operation. It does not require internet connectivity to work! The drawbacks of this storage are the limited storage capacities and the risk of data loss, as it could get corrupted or lost.

2. Local Network Attached Storage (NAS)

While microSD cards offer a convenient storage solution for subscription-free video doorbells, there’s an alternative worth considering for tech-savvy homeowners: Local Network Attached Storage (NAS). 

A NAS device acts as a dedicated storage server directly connected to your local network. It is a private option for flexibility, scalability, faster access and retrieval, remote accessibility, and a centralized backup system. 

NAS represents a compelling option for those seeking a subscription-free solution with cloud-like functionality. It offers remote connectivity while retaining complete control over your data by simulating a private cloud within your network. This approach eliminates reliance on third-party cloud storage providers and associated privacy concerns.

However, the downside is that implementing a NAS system requires some technical knowledge for setup and configuration. It’s also important to consider the upfront cost of the NAS device itself, which may be higher than a microSD card.

3. NVR (Network Video Recorder)

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) acts as a dedicated recording device, receiving video footage from your doorbell via a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cable. Using NVR can offer several advantages for security-conscious homeowners such as superior system flexibility, enhanced image quality, power over Ethernet compatibility, and other advanced features.

Setting up and configuring an NVR requires a higher level of technical expertise compared to microSD cards. Additionally, the upfront cost of an NVR, along with additional cameras if desired, can be higher than a simple microSD card solution.

Best Video Doorbell Without A Subscription

The Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 is the best video doorbell you can find in the market today without a subscription. This video doorbell is designed to be user-friendly and has several versatile features. 

As an Aqara user, you can enjoy 7 days of free cloud storage access. The smart video doorbell has local micro SD support features if you continue without the subscription. 

Some of the features you will enjoy with this video doorbell include:

  • 7 days of FREE Cloud Storage
  • MicroSD card up to 516 GB
  • Two-way audio and high-quality video
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Home automation support
  • Local AI-based facial recognition
  • Soon: Free SMB NAS Backup

How To Set Up A Video Doorbell Without A Subscription

To set up a video doorbell without a subscription, follow the following steps:

  1. Select a video doorbell with local storage solutions such as the micro SD, NVR, or NAS.
  2. Mount the doorbell based on the user guide.
  3. Insert the batteries or connect the doorbell to a power source.
  4. Install the doorbell mobile app, then connect it to the Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Configure your storage option. Since it does not have a subscription, insert the MicroSD card, NVR, or NAS. If you use an NVR or NAS, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up FTP or use the recommended software.
  6. Configure the doorbell in the app, including notifications, motion detection, and storage.
  7. Test the configurations and settings to ensure the system records and stores the footage.

How Much Does A Video Doorbell Without A Subscription Cost?

A video doorbell subscription such as Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 costs $149.99. Others may range between $50 to thousands of dollars.

Where To Buy A Video Doorbell Without A Subscription

If you need the best video doorbell without a subscription, check out the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4. Aqara also has some of the best smart devices for your home if you are considering home automation and other features. Check out our Where To Buy page for Aqara devices near you.

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