The Best Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Home Automation

The Best Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Home Automation

Many homeowners enhance security and comfort with smart home sensors. A smart home temperature and humidity sensor lets you monitor and tailor the indoor temperature and humidity to suit your comfort requirements.

Most people use temperature gauges in their homes to monitor the indoor temperature. However, monitoring indoor humidity is just as important as monitoring the temperature. Although humidity does not affect the temperature, high humidity makes us feel hotter. Scientists use the heat index to describe how humidity and temperature affect comfort.

Those who live in dry environments know how the lack of indoor moisture affects comfort and health. High humidity can also affect your health, the health of your home, and the quality of indoor air.

Moist surfaces become breeding grounds for bacteria and other biological pollutants. You may notice mold or mildew on clothing or furniture. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends keeping indoor humidity levels below 60% for comfort and health. Ideally, humidity should be between 30% and 50%.

Smart temperature and humidity sensors track factors that affect indoor comfort. Aqara offers one of the best smart home humidity and temperature sensors on the market, designed to work with Apple HomeKit and other major smart hubs, including Alexa and Google Assistant.

What Is A Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor?

Aqara Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor | The Best Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Home Automation

Smart homes have sensors that detect and collect data to help increase security, comfort, and efficiency. Sensors connect to hubs that control other sensors and smart appliances, such as televisions, air conditioners, fans, lighting, motion detectors, and cameras. Hubs transmit information, alerts, and other data to help you monitor and control connected systems.

Smart temperature and humidity sensors help manage indoor humidity, temperature, and heating and air conditioning equipment. They also monitor changes in atmospheric pressure in real-time.

With a smart temperature and humidity sensor, you can adjust the temperature and humidity to match your preferences and maintain your most comfortable settings for daytime activities and when you sleep.

How Does A Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor Work?

Aqara smart temperature and humidity sensors use metal capacitors to sense heat energy or water vapor in the air and convert these data into electronic signals. Your sensor displays the data in real time, reporting up-to-date environmental conditions that affect comfort.

Most smart temperature and humidity sensors require Wi-Fi to work. Aqara uses Zigbee technology, which allows your smart sensor to work even when the internet is down. That is why many homeowners consider it one of the best smart home temperature sensors on the market.

Benefits Of A Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor

There are several benefits to using a smart temperature and humidity sensor.


Both temperature and humidity affect comfort. The Aqara smart sensor lets you monitor the indoor environment and adjust the temperature and humidity according to your needs. Temperature sensors learn your preferences and automatically adjust to optimize comfort. The Aqara sensor offers historical data tracking and monitors deviations from normal environments.


You can monitor and control your indoor environment from wherever you are. The device alerts you to changes in temperature or humidity so that you can adjust the air conditioner, turn on fans, or engage other sensors.


We rely on air conditioning and heating for comfort and health. Temperature and humidity sensors keep you informed about the environmental conditions of your living space. Many pathogens and pests, including dust mites, bacteria, cockroaches, and mold, thrive in humid environments. Keeping humidity within recommended levels helps keep your living space healthy.

How To Choose The Best Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor

The Best Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Home Automation

There are several factors to consider as you shop for a temperature and humidity sensor.


The Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Android devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and IFTTT.

Ease of installation

Installation is simple. No wiring is required. You can choose either the HomeKit or Aqara app. The sensor’s compact size makes it easy to place within a room. The simple design and white casing complement any interior décor.


The device sends alerts based on the settings you define if it detects changes in temperature and humidity. The readings are accurate within ±3% for humidity and ±0.3°C for temperature. However, the instructions caution against using the device in humid areas, such as bathrooms. To use your heating and air conditioning system, you must also have an Aqara Smart Plug and Aqara Air Conditioning Controller. The sensor has a 30-foot range.


The sensor sells for $19.99, far lower than most smart temperature sensors.

Power source and battery backup

The wireless device is powered by Zigbee protocol. Battery backup ensures continuous operation even when internet connectivity fails.

How To Install The Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Installation is simple, one reason users consider it one of the best smart temperature sensors available. The device requires integration with the Aqara Smart Home Hub.

Unlike some smart thermostats on the market, no wiring is required, and you do not need a professional to install the device. Simply follow the directions in the installation video. A user manual is included in the box.

To install:

  • Remove the installation tab.
  • Open the Aqara Home app. Tap Home and then + to add an app.
  • Select temperature and humidity sensors.
  • A voice prompt will ask if you are ready to connect to child devices.
  • Press the reset button for three seconds. When the blue light blinks three times, release the button.
  • The voice prompt will inform you that a child’s device is connected. The sensor is now part of the network.
  • Check the status in the HomeKit app or the Aqara Home app.

To install the sensor within a room:

  • Place the sensor where you want to install it and press the reset button.
  • A voice prompt will confirm when it is communicating with the hub.

To identify the device:

  • Open the Aqara Home app and go to the page that lists accessories.
  • Press the reset button on the device. The hub will confirm the link.
  • The accessory icon will flash to let you know the match is confirmed.

The Aqara website includes frequently asked questions that address concerns about installation and performance. If more help is needed, Aqara offers customer support online and by email.

How Much Does A Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor Cost?

The Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor costs $19.99 in the U.S. Reviewers consider the sensor a great buy for the money.

Where To Buy A Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Aqara’s smart home products are available worldwide through online outlets and official Aqara distributors. In the U.S., the sensor is available through Amazon, Home Depot, Newegg, and Adorama. For availability outside the U.S., use the dropdown menu on the page to select the region and country where you live.           

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