Part.3 FAQs

1. Installation, Compatibility, and Calibration:

1. Is a Smart Lock U200 compatible with a door without a handle?

Yes, the U200 can pull the latch, making it suitable for doors with handles or those with only a keyhole. To use this function, enable the “Pull Spring Feature” in the settings of Aqara Home app.

2. What kind of lock is compatible with the U200?

Compatible Locks: EU Mortise Lock, US Deadbolt Lock, Assa 2000

Compatible Cylinders: EU Profile Cylinder / Select Scandi Profile Cylinder / UK Oval Cylinder / Schlage and Kwikset Standard Cylinder

* This compatible list will keep updating.

3. What is Emergency Function?

A cylinder equipped with this feature enables it to be unlocked from the outside using a key, even if another key is already inserted on the inside. The U200 is specifically designed for compatibility with cylinders that offer this capability.

4. What are incompatible locks and cylinders?

Auto-locking locks/Rim locks/Gate locks/Other outdated standard cylinders

5. Does Aqara provide suitable cylinders?

Yes, if your lock cylinder does not meet the installation requirements, consider the Aqara EU Profile Adjustable Cylinder, expected to launch in July 2024.

6. How do I calibrate the door lock?

1) For Aqara Home Users:

Option 1: Go to “Settings” > “Calibrate Lock” in the app and choose either “Automatic Calibration” or “Manual Calibration.”

Option 2:  Long press (3s) the Set Button in the Door Lock for auto-calibration.

2) For Matter Users:

After installation, press and hold the “Set” button on the Lock for 3 seconds to initiate auto-calibration. 

2. Matter:

1. What is U200’s Wireless Protocol?
The U200 supports Matter over Thread, ensuring seamless interoperability across various smart home ecosystems.

2. Do I need a Matter hub to use this product?

1) Aqara Home Users: No hub is needed, but the Aqara M3 Hub is recommended for enhanced features like remote control and automations.
2) Matter Users: A Thread Border Router that supports Matter is required.

3. What functions are available with the Aqara M3 Hub?
Binding to the Aqara M3 Hub allows for automations, remote lock/unlock, and more features in future updates.

4. Do I need Aqara Home to use this product with other ecosystems?
Basic functions like locking and unlocking work with third-party ecosystems. However, we recommend using the Aqara Home app to access exclusive features and detailed settings such as Manual Calibration, Auto Lock, Auto-Turn Lock/Turn to Lock, Pull Spring Feature, and more.

5. Why can’t Smart Lock U200 be bound to other ecosystems?
1) Already bound: Enter pairing mode and follow the guidance to bind to another ecosystem.
2) Not bound: Reset the device and try again.

3. Apple Home:

1. How to share home keys?
Invite other Apple users to join the Family via the Apple Home app. Once joined, they will receive a door card automatically in their Wallet.

2. How to use home keys?
1) Standard Mode: Open Apple Wallet, select the door card, and tap iPhone/Watch close to the NFC area to unlock.
2) Shortcut Mode: Set up in Apple Home, then unlock with Face ID or password and move the device close to the NFC area.

3. Why did my home keys stop working?
1) Please delete the home key from the Wallet app on your phone and then re-add it through the Home app. Alternatively, you can try logging out and back into iCloud before using the home key again.
2) If these steps do not resolve the issue, you may need to reset your door lock and set it up again in the Home app.

4. How to set temporary passwords?
Currently, Apple does not support this function.

4. Lock Features:

1. Is it possible to use this product without connecting to a smartphone?
A smartphone is required to connect the Smart Lock U200 to Aqara Home or other Matter ecosystems. After adding the admin and calibrating the lock, it can be used directly.

2. Is it possible to use Smart Lock U200 without connecting to any hub?
1) Aqara Home App Users: Yes, but remote control requires the Aqara M3 Hub.
2) Matter Users: A 2-in-1 Matter Controller and Thread Border Router is required.

3. Does this product support setting a periodic password for visitors?
1) Aqara Home App Users: You can set periodic or one-time passwords via Bluetooth. Remote temporary password settings will be available by H2 2024, requiring the Aqara M3 Hub.
2) Home App Users: You can set passwords remotely via the app.

4. How to reset the lock?
1) Aqara Home Users: Press and hold the Lock and Confirm buttons for 3 seconds. Verify the admin password or fingerprint. If correct, the lock will reset and clear all data.
2) Matter Users: 
First ensure your lock is only bound to one Matter ecosystem; Initiate Reset Mode on the keypad by pressing the Lock and Confirm buttons for 5s simultaneously; Press and hold the Reset button on the lock for 3s. 

5. How to reset the lock if I forget my password?
Please contact our customer service for assistance.

6. If the lock or keypad is out of power, how to unlock the door?
The Smart Lock U200 will alert the user when the battery of the keypad or lock is below 20%, at which point the lock can still work normally for about two weeks.
1) Keypad: Use Bluetooth unlock with the Aqara Home app
2) Lock: Use the physical key

7. What if the fingerprint reader cannot recognize my fingerprint?
Re-register your fingerprint as it may change over time. For children and the elderly, update fingerprints regularly or register multiple fingers. Ensure fingers are dry and clean.

8. What is the average battery life of the U200?
Up to 6 months with up to 8 daily lock/unlock actions via fingerprint or NFC. Battery life may vary based on usage and conditions.

9. How to use the U200 keypad with a Li-Ion battery?
Power the keypad with a 12V-24V AC/DC 0.5A supply. A compatible transformer should be installed by a professional electrician.

10. What is Quiet Unlock Mode, and how do I activate it?
1) Local Settings: 
– Quiet Lock Mode: Long press (3s) Lock Button in the Keypad; or Single press the Confirm Button followed by single press Lock Button
– Quiet Unlock Mode: Single press the Confirm Button followed by password or fingerprint unlocking in the Keypad
2) Aqara Home Settings: Enable under “Settings” > “Quiet Unlock Mode.”

11. What is the Auto-Lock feature, and how do I enable it?
The U200 automatically locks after detecting door closure. Enable in the Aqara Home app under “Settings” > “Auto-Lock.”

12. What is the Geofencing feature?
This will be available through future OTA updates.

13. What if I am locked out after multiple authentication failures?
After 10 incorrect attempts, the lock will disable password input for 30 minutes. Use inside unlock or Bluetooth unlocking to release. Adjust the lockout duration in “Settings” > “Failed Attempt Lockout.”

14. How can I update the lock?
Aqara Home Users: Update firmware via the settings page. Keep your phone close during the update (15-20 minutes). 
Matter Users: By the launch of the U200 lock, OTA updates via Apple Home are supported. 
Note that Aqara Home updates more frequently and earlier than Matter and other ecosystems. 

15. How to use remote lock/unlock?
Aqara Home Users: Bind the lock to the Aqara Hub M3 for remote features.
Matter Users: Use a 2-in-1 Matter Controller and Thread Border Router.

16. How can I add fingerprints and passwords without using the app?
Aqara Home Users: Open the door, press and hold the Confirm button for 3 seconds, then enter the admin password. Follow the prompts to add users.
Matter Ecosystem Users: Open the door, press and hold the Confirm button for 3 seconds, then press the Set Button. Follow the prompts to add users.

17. Does U200 support Wi-Fi?
No, it supports the Thread protocol, which is more stable and offers longer battery life.

18. What if the lock does not respond after verifying the password?
Check if the lock is out of battery. If the issue persists after replacing the battery, contact customer service:

19. How to disarm the Tamper Alert?
Aqara Home Users: Disarm by verifying the admin fingerprint or password.
Matter Users: Disarm by pressing the Reset button on the lock.

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