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Smart Video Doorbell G4
Smart Video Doorbell G4
1. The equivalent capacity of a standard single battery out of the doorbell factory is about 2900 mAh. When you replace it with a new battery, please choose the battery with a capacity not less than 2900 mAh.
2. If connected with HomeKit, the doorbell will record video if it is triggered and there’s motion detected until the motion ends, which may consume more power and shorten the battery life compared to using the doorbell in Aqara Home only.
3. If the loitering detection interval is configured too short, the doorbell may be frequently triggered, which may shorten the battery life.
4. Battery life can be shortened by using new and old batteries together, using other non-LR6 batteries or non-1.5V batteries.
5. If the doorbell is far away from the repeater (more than Max. 5 meters), or there is too much wireless interference in the surroundings, the doorbell will need to increase the transmission power for communication, which will result in the higher power consumption and shorten the battery life.
6. In the Power Saving Mode, the PIR detection function is turned off, and the doorbell can only be triggered by pressing the bell, remotely viewing video in the app, etc., which will greatly extend the doorbell life.
1. There might be factors in the surroundings of the doorbell causing the false-triggering of PIR (e.g. thermal disturbances due to big gaps of temperature within the detection range, such as hot air blowing continuously). In this case, please lower the sensitivity or temporarily switch to the Power Saving Mode (PIR function will be turned off.).
2. If the loitering detection interval is too long, the person detected may have left out of the monitoring field when the video recording starts. In this case, please shorten the detection interval.
1. The doorbell can use AA batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries with 1.5V discharge voltage. If NiMH batteries with 1.2V output voltage are used, the electricity statistics will be inaccurate. LR6 alkaline AA batteries are recommended.
2. It is recommended to replace 6 new batteries of the same model at a time. If new and old batteries or different batteries are mixed to use, the battery life will be shortened.
1. Check whether the Power Saving Mode is enabled. If enabled, the video recording can only be triggered by pressing the doorbell or remotely viewing video in the app. PIR can work if switched to the normal mode.
2. Check whether the video recording of loitering detection is turned on.
3. Check whether the loitering detection interval is too long.
If you connect to DC power supply, both terminals can be connected to positive or negative poles.
Please check whether the distance between the doorbell and the repeater is out of the allowable range, or other Wi-Fi co-frequency interference sources are surrounded, if yes, you can improve the connection by adjusting the position of the repeater or modifying the Wi-Fi channel.
Please ensure that the indicator light switch is turned off. If the doorbell is connected to HomeKit, please turn off the indicator light switch in Apple "Home" app to ensure the synchronization.
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi protocol can be applied between the doorbell and the repeater, and between repeater and the router. The doorbell cannot bind with other child devices directly. To work with other Aqara child devices, an Aqara hub is required.
The Video Doorbell G4 is recommended to be installed on a porch or in other shaded areas.
The screws on the back plate are designed to be immovable to avoid the screws falling off and missing during disassembly of the doorbell. Do not pull out the screw forcibly.
Only MP3 not larger than 5 Mb can be uploaded, and each device only supports a maximum of five customized ringtones.
Although the doorbell does not have the hub function, the localization of some doorbell functions can still be realized, such as playing a customized ringtone on the repeater after pressing the doorbell.
1. The face recognition function is turned off by default. You can open the device settings page - More Settings - Detection - Face Recognition, turn the function on and set the relevant parameters.
2. The sensitivity of face recognition is medium by default. If it cannot detect any face even if the function is enabled, please adjust to the high sensitivity.
3. Please check whether the light surrounding the doorbell is good. Face recognition ratio can be lowered under backlight, dim light. In addition, it can be affected by infrared night vision, starting image distortion calibration.
The face recognition has two functions of face capture and face matching, both of which are performed locally on the device. However, to display and mark the face, it needs to connect to the cloud server. When the doorbell is disconnected from the router, it will not affect the face capture and matching, nor affect the local execution of automations related to face recognition. However, the newly captured face image after the doorbell disconnected from the router cannot be displayed on the app.
It is the ambient temperature of the doorbell detected by the high and low temperature alarm. It will alarm before the battery fails due to the impact caused by ambient temperature.
The doorbell relies on the Wi-Fi transmitted by the repeater for connection, and has one-to-one binding configuration with the repeater before leaving the factory. User cannot unbind the doorbell and the repeater.
PIR detection sensitivity is divided into high and low levels. When moving horizontally (90° to the PIR detection direction), PIR can detect about 4 meters with high sensitivity, and about 2 meters with low sensitivity. When moving vertically (parallel to the PIR detection direction), the detection distance will be shortened. PIR horizontal detection angle is 120°, and vertical detection angle is 80°
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Smart Video Doorbell G4
Updated Info
Version: 4.0.1_0028.00462023-05-17Version History
What's New:
1. Optimize the event recording mechanism and fix the issue of occasional missed video recording
2. Increase the pre-recording time of 4s video recording under the external power supply mode
3. The default recording start time of stay detection is changed from 3 seconds to 0 seconds
4. Fix the problem that the live video cannot remember the last selected resolution
5. Fix the problem that there is no sound in video or voice intercom under certain circumstances
6. Fix the problem that the MicroSD card video cannot be played back from the App in some cases
7. Fix the problem that the doorbell occasionally falsely reports high or low temperature alarms or the power display is inaccurate
8. Fix the problem that in some cases, the video recording is delayed or lagged after the doorbell is woken up