LUMI and LG forge key partnership to transform the Smart Home industry

LUMI United Technology (LUMI) and LG Electronics (LG) are partnering together under a memorandum of understanding to revolutionize the Smart Home industry by delivering cutting edge IoT solutions with AI and advanced sensors that detect indoor changes and automatically adjust them according to your needs whether it is humidity level, temperature changes or movements at home.

Aqara is the spearhead brand of LUMI United Technology, a leading smart home and IoT solution provider. It is a high-tech company dedicated in building intelligent devices while embedding big data and providing value-added services. As a smart life platform, Aqara strives to offer a premium smart home experience for everyone to enjoy and improve the quality-of-life at home.

Aqara smart home devices combined with LG smart appliances will help saving energy and greatly improve your daily life comfort and safety at home, thanks to intelligent automation: by using the Humidity and Temperature Sensor with LG air conditioner, your home will be able to sense and automatically set the perfect temperature when you go to sleep while your Door and Window Sensor will detect when your LG refrigerator is left opened and will instantly notify your smartphone so you can act promptly.

The LG-LUMI partnership will be on display at IFA 2019 in Berlin at the LG exhibition stand with several showcases including a LG dehumidifier using Aqara smart sensor to automatically regulate the humidity level and keeping clothes in optimal conditions, or connecting LG’s WK7 intelligent speaker with Aqara smart LED Light Bulb to dim the lighting in the room before the movie begins by simply saying “Cinema Mode”. By joining forces, LG and LUMI expect to co-develop more products in the future to enhance smart home experience.

This alliance with LG Electronics is the first strategic partnership for Aqara to set foot into the South Korean market. As a major growth milestone for the brand, it will strengthen and assert the brand as a key player in the smart home industry. This will establish solid foundations for the very beginnings of LUMI global expansion, as the company is expanding in Europe and soon in North America.

LG and LUMI’s vision for the connected home of the future will be on display during IFA 2019 from September 6-11 at the LG booth in Hall 18 of Messe Berlin.

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