Aqara’s New Products Won Two 2020 German iF Design Awards

Recently, the results of the 2020 German iF Design Award have been officially released. Aqara’s new products, Aqara Smart Door Lock N200 and Aqara Smart Switch H1, have won two design awards for their unique and outstanding design and excellent functionality.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N200

“This is a smarter and easier-to-use door lock in terms of user identification, security and management. By using multiple scenarios of smart connected automation, you can enjoy a wonderful smart home experience.”

Aqara Smart Switch H1

“By adopting the minimalistic design of a large frame, the Aqara Smart Switch , can satisfy the needs of practically any decoration style. Being equipped by the lined-up bracket accessory made of zinc alloy, it is ensured that there is enough strength to support the switch structure to prevent it from severe deformation and thus guarantee the wholeness of appearance.”

We believe that two new products, Aqara Smart Door Lock N200 and Aqara Smart Switch H1, will further brighten your smart life, so please stay tuned!

Aqara products have always been appreciated by consumers for their beautiful, simple, and elegant design, as well as the advantages of easy tool-less installation. Aqara firmly believes that design creates a good quality of life. On the basis of ease of use and good quality, it fuses many elements such as art and technology, so that each product or design has practicality, artistry and technology, which creates beautiful smart life enjoyment for users who pursue a high-quality life.

In addition to the German iF Design Award, in recent years, many products developed by Aqara have successively won the German Red Dot Award, German Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards, Good Design Award, China Good Design Award, Contemporary Good Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award, Design Intelligence Award and other domestic and overseas design awards. Among these products, Aqara Air Conditioner Controller has won four awards including German Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards, Good Design Award, and Design Intelligence Award.

Each award carries Aqara’s tireless pursuit of good design, and highlights Aqara’s extraordinary brand authenticity.

In the future, Aqara will continue to maintain respect and sincerity, continue to explore and create more excellent products, and use good design and good user experience to start an especially beautiful smart home life for you.

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