Aqara Products Now Available in Hong Kong and Macao Apple Stores

Aqara, the leading smart home company, announced that eight of their smart home products are hitting Apple Stores in Hong Kong and Macao. The suite of Aqara products include their Hub, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Door and Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, Water Leak Sensor, LED Light Bulb, Wireless Switch and Vibration Sensor. The products provide a seamless, HomeKit-enabled smart home experiences for local consumers. All of these products are also available on the Apple online store for Hong Kong and Macao residents.

In mainland China, Aqara has already launched 17 smart home products on Apple’s online stores and many of the products are also available in Apple’s offline retail stores. Aqara is one of the leading smart home brands in China that provides the most comprehensive suite of HomeKit compatible devices for its users. At present, Aqara sells over 100 HomeKit compatible products in more than 10 product categories, including smart door locks, hubs, curtain controllers, cameras, smart plugs, switches, and different types of controllers and sensors. By combining various Aqara smart home products, users can use Apple’s Home app or Siri voice assistant to achieve customized household automation such as remote control, door opening, lights turn on, curtains opening, environmental monitoring and so on.

In addition, with the Apple Home app, users can set up their HomePod, iPad, or AppleTV as a home hub to remotely control HomeKit accessories. They can also invite trusted individuals to control their homes by changing permission levels. Users can use the Home app to set more customized automations to fit their daily routines, such as enabling the lights to turn on when someone comes home, or have the curtains open automatically in the mornings.

The product launch in Hong Kong and Macao Apple Stores marks an essential step for Aqara in offering its premium smart home products to more Apple customers from around the world. Aqara hopes to continue expanding its HomeKit-compatible devices and showcasing them in more Apple Stores worldwide so that more users can enjoy the comfort, reliability, and convenience of Aqara’s smart home solution.

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