The Best Zigbee Smart Home Hubs

Every smart home needs a smart home hub, and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. When using a blend of smart devices from varied manufacturers, you’ll need access to an automation hub to get them all to work together.

The best Zigbee smart home hub will also make them controllable from a single app, simplifying things for you. Zigbee smart home hubs can take on many forms, and this guide is here to help you identify the absolute best.

Why Should You Use Zigbee-enabled Aqara Hubs?

Aqara hubs are designed to connect and control all your smart devices via Zigbee technology. It serves as the central control center enabling you to communicate, control, and manage different smart gadgets from a single interface.

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1. Stronger Connectivity

Smart homeowners love the Aqara Zigbee Hub because of its ability to create a mesh network. This network can connect multiple devices seamlessly while also expanding your Wi-Fi coverage.

2. Enhanced Functionality

The hub lets you connect and control multiple compatible devices from different brands. Moreover, it’s easy to set up and compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon’s Alexa smart home system.

3. Versatility

You’ll love the Zigbee-enabled Aqara Hubs because of how versatile they are. You can control and integrate sensors, smart lights, and switches, among others. You can fully interconnect and customize your entire smart home ecosystem with this one nifty hub.

4. Seamless Aqara Ecosystem Experience

With this smart home hub, the potential for creating your dream smart home is limitless. It doesn’t matter whether you’re after security, convenience, or a simple touch of elegance, this smart home hub has got you covered. It empowers you to customize the ecosystem with ease.

The Best Zigbee Smart Home Hubs

Aqara is home to some of the best smart home hubs available today. Some of these include:

1. Aqara Hub E1

The Aqara Hub E1 is the smallest smart home hub in the Aqara line. But don’t let its size fool you, as it delivers a powerful performance supporting the classic and emerging Aqara devices. You’ll love it because it occupies less space and can serve as a Wi-Fi repeater for your home.

2. Aqara Hub M2

The Aqara Hub M2 can work with Aqara smart home devices and other available HomeKit accessories. It offers support for scene control, automation, and Siri voice control. Another notable feature includes controlling traditional home appliances that use infrared.

3. Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2

The Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 is an upgrade of the classic Aqara Hub M1S but now features support for the augmented Zigbee 3.0 system. While new features have been introduced to it, it still features a built-in plug and speaker and continues to deliver the same versatility. It doubles up as a night light or alarm.

4. Aqara Hub M1S

Based on the most energy-efficient technology, the Aqara Hub M1S supports up to 128 devices and features a built-in speaker that you can use as an alarm and an RGB light and illumination sensor. The latter can serve as an accent light.

5. Aqara Hub M3 – Newly Released Aqara Hub

The Aqara Hub M3 is our newly released Aqara Hub. Its goal is to become a single-purpose hub for your smart home supporting multiple protocols such as IR, Thread, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee. It can quickly connect and control existing Zigbee devices while at the same time acting as a Matter bridge for HomeKit accessories.

6. Camera Hub G2H Pro

A favorite with many homeowners, the Aqara Camera Hub G2H Pro is compact and easy to mount. These are features smart homeowners desire in a camera. You can use it to make instant voice calls and send high-quality video with a maximum pickup distance of around five meters.

7. Camera Hub G2H

The Aqara Camera Hub G2H works with Apple HomeKit to secure video cameras for home automation and enhanced security. Its top features include IR night vision, activity zones, AI face recognition, and HomeKit-enabled two-way video.

8. Camera Hub G3

The Aqara Camera Hub G3 cares for your home using its all-around compatibility which works with Google Assistant, Google Home, and more. It comes with local AI-powered recognition, 360° Viewing Angle, and local infrared control.

What To Look For In The Best Zigbee Smart Home Hub

When setting up the smart devices in your smart home, you’ll want to ensure that they’re connected to the best smart Zigbee smart home hub you can find. Consider these key factors in choosing the ideal Aqara Zigbee hub for your smart home.

1. Specific Needs

Your intended use and specific need of the smart home hub will influence the hub you choose.

  • Number of Devices: How many Aqara devices do you plan to integrate? Choose a hub that can accommodate your current and future needs.
  • Connectivity Preferences: Do you prioritize Wi-Fi connectivity for convenience, or a wired Ethernet connection for maximum stability? Some hubs offer both options.
  • Security Features: For enhanced security, consider hubs with built-in Zigbee 3.0 security features like the Aqara Hub M3.

2. Automation & Remote Control

Look for scene creation, advanced scheduling, and rule-based triggers for efficient device control. All Aqara hubs enable remote control and automation creation through the Aqara Home app. But keep in mind that some advanced features like local automation processing might be specific to newer hub models.

3. Voice Assistant Integration

Aqara hubs integrate with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. Ensure your chosen hub supports your preferred voice assistant for hands-free control. You can check it either on Aqara product pages or choose your voice assistant’s product page.

4. Security Features

Prioritize secure authentication and robust encryption to protect against cyberattacks. Aqara hubs offer varying levels of security features. If robust security is a priority, consider hubs with built-in Zigbee 3.0 security or those that function as security gateways, like the Aqara Hub M3.

5. Connectivity

Go for an Aqara hub that supports multiple protocols such as Z-wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Some Aqara hubs offer Ethernet connectivity.  Consider your needs for future scalability and choose a hub that supports your desired protocols.

How Much Does A Smart Home Hub Cost?

The cost can vary from tens of dollars for a simple smart home hub to several hundred dollars for the most complex. It all comes down to the built-in security features, protocols supported, and ease of use. Compare a few models to find one that suits your needs before purchase.

Where To Buy A Smart Home Hub?

Aqara is the leading provider of smart home hubs and smart home devices that can keep your home safe and secure. Check out our Where To Buy page to get Aqara products near you.

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