Continuous Connection
Motion Sensor P1
5-Year Battery Life | Configurable Detection Timeout | 170° Viewing and 360° Stand
Cube T1 Pro
Smart Pet Feeder C1
Scheduled and Remote Feeding | Feeding Statistics in Grams | Smart Home Automations | Mutil Voice Assistant and Ecosystems Support
Radiator Thermostat E1
External Temperature Readings | Geofencing and Weather Automations | 1-Year Battery Life
Hub M2
360° Infrared Control | Ethernet RJ45 Port & USB Power | Home Automation and Alarm System | All-Round Compatibility
Curtain Driver E1 (Rod Version)
Up to 1-Year Battery Life and Rechargeable | Support Majority of Curtains | Maximum Load of 12 kg | Buil-in Light Sensor
Door and Window Sensor
Detects if a window or door is open in real time.
" Continuous Connection "