Smart Wall Switch H1 EU (With Neutral)


Both are smart wall switches with the same main functions. However, the former needs to be connected to the neutral wire and the live wire, and the latter only needs to be connected to the live wire for the power supply. You can choose based on the lighting wiring design of your home.
The wall switch needs to be connected to the wire. The most important function is to remotely and intelligently control the power of the connected circuit. To transform the ordinary electric light into a smart light, the wall switch is required; the wireless switch is a controller that can control wall switches and other devices via the app but cannot directly control non-smart lights independently.
Lights such as smart lights, color-changing lights, gradient lights, remote control lights and light strips, and high-power appliances such as bathroom heater are not supported.
Normally, the live wire is red, the neutral wire is black or blue, and the lamp load wire is generally green or yellow. A test by a professional electrician with professional tools such as electric pens should be performed before installation.
In the case of an incorrect connection, the wall switch may not work normally, and the switch may burn out in severe cases. Please strictly follow the wiring instructions, or hire a professional electrician for installation.
①Since the Smart Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single/Double Rocker) is connected to the neutral wire and the live wire, there is no minimum load requirement.
②For the Smart Wall Switch (No Neutral, Single/Double Rocker), normally each load can support 3W energy-saving lamps, LED lamps or 16W fluorescent lamps at least. However, for some lamps of small brands or lamps with poor materials, due to the internal circuit design of the lamps, even if the power is greater than the above requirements, it may cause abnormal phenomena such as lamp flicker and switch crashes. Please choose the lamp carefully.
*Please note: If it is an old-fashioned tube lamp with a starter, please replace the electronic starter.
When the power of the lamp connected to the Smart Wall Switch H1 EU (No Neutral Version) is lower than the minimum power requirement, sometimes it will flicker when the switch is turned off. In addition, lamps of mainstream brand works better with Smart Wall Switch H1 EU (No Neutral Version) and some lamps of small brands or copycat manufacturers may flicker or cause the switch to crash due to the poor internal circuit design and material problems. Please choose the lamps properly.
Firstly, by using the Smart Wall Switch H1 EU with the Wireless Remote Switch, dual-/multi-control functions can be used very easily. The Wireless Remote Switch can be put in most places in your home to control the Smart Wall Switch via smart automation; secondly, if the original switches in your home are dual-controllers and you only replace one of the switches with the Smart Wall Switch H1 EU, please keep the other ordinary switch short-circuited and replace it with a wireless switch, otherwise, the Zigbee communication module of Smart Wall Switch can not be powered when the other switch is powered off and the switch cannot be controlled intelligently.
The size of the product is 85.8*86*37.55 (mm), and the depth of the Smart Wall Switch installed inside the wall is within 30mm.
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