Aqara Kicks off Smart Lock U200 Crowdfunding Campaign

The retrofit, keyless home access solution is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter

New York, NY – [February 27, 2024] – Aqara, a leading provider of smart home solutions, is excited to initiate the crowdfunding campaign for its latest home access solution, the Smart Lock U200, on Kickstarter. Designed for flexibility, convenience and security, the U200 lock is built upon the latest Thread protocol and natively Matter-enabled, aiming for effortless integration with the widest range of smart home devices across systems and brands.

At its core, the Aqara U200 utilizes modern engineering crafted to provide users with numerous secure access options, ranging from fingerprints, one-time and recurring PIN codes, remote access via mobile apps, voice assistant commands to Aqara NFC cards and physical keys. Aqara is also working to add the HomeKey support to the U200 lock, which allows iOS users to unlock by simply tapping a compatible iPhone and Apple Watch. The U200 will be one of the first Matter-compatible locks to support HomeKey unlocking, and the Aqara team is sparing no time on developing and testing before delivering the optimized experiences2.

The U200 features a retrofit design, allowing for hassle-free installation on existing doors – without the need for extensive modification or renovation. Compatible with most doors in both Europe and North America, it attaches to existing lock mechanisms such as European cylinders (emergency function required) and deadbolts using one of the provided adapters3. The U200 intends to bring the modern keyless lifestyle to a broad array of homeowners and renters, while preserving the option to use traditional keys. Users also enjoy easy access sharing, remote access control, and real-time lock status updates for enhanced convenience and security.

The U200 lock runs on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, while its wireless keypad can either be powered by a pack of four AAA batteries or wired to the existing doorbell wire (12V-24V DC power supply). Thanks to the power-efficient Thread protocol, the U200 lock features a battery life of up to 6 months between each charge4. Moreover, the wireless keypad boasts an IPX5 rating and withstands extreme heat and cold (-18℃/0℉ to 66℃/151℉), ensuring endurance under any climate.

As an integral part of a connected home, the U200 smart lock seamlessly works with other smart home accessories, allowing users to create a fully automated and customized smart home experience. For example, to disarm the home security system automatically when the U200 is unlocked by a family member, or to activate the indoor camera and the video doorbell after consecutive failed attempts to unlock the door. With three color options available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the U200 can fit into most home decor, making it the perfect addition to any home.

The Aqara Smart Lock U200 is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter at for those looking to be among the first to explore the latest in home access technologies.

  1. The U200 can be paired to the Aqara Home app using Bluetooth or the upcoming Aqara Hub M3. Compatibility with third-party Matter-enabled platforms (e.g., Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Home Assistant) is expected to roll out in waves, and may not be available by the shipment of pre-ordered units.
  2. HomeKey unlocking support is currently under development, and is expected to become available via a subsequent OTA update after the lock receives certain certification.
  3. Limitation applies. Please check the Kickstarter page or consult Aqara support for detailed guidelines on the U200 lock compatibility.
  4. The 6-month battery life is based on the assumption of 8 cycles of fingerprint/NFC unlocking and locking per day.
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