Version History

16 Dec 2020
1.Added prevent accidental deletion function in Hub M2 and Air Conditioner Controller P3. 
2.Optimized the user experience of some plug devices. 
3.Optimized the App interaction 
4.Optimized the push message 
5.Supports languages switching in the App 

6.Change the name of Safe Guard to Alert System

4 Dec 2020

1.Fixes the known issues

26 Nov 2020

1.Fixes the known issues

20 Nov 2020
1.Optimized the "Profile" interface 
2.Support for atmospheric pressure units of mmHg 
3.Optimized the automation function 
4.Copywriting optimization 

5.Fixes the known issues

2 Nov 2020
1.Automation, scene interaction optimization 
2.Optimization of alarm Pop-up Window 
3.Support for Aqara Smart Roller Shade Controller 
4.Copywriting optimization 

5.Fixes the known issues

22 Oct 2020
1.Optimized the experience of wall switch 
2.Makes the wall switch support wireless switch function 
3.Adjusts the max power of Smart Wall Outlet T1 to 2500w 
4.Optimized the performance of the APP 

5.Fixes the known issues

30 Sep 2020
1.Privacy Policy update 
2.Optimizes the camera functions and prompt texts 
3.Optimizes the curve of temperature, humidity and illumination 
4.Optimizes pop-up windows due to different time zones 
5.Optimizes the interaction of selecting rooms 
6.Optimizes FAQs 

7.Fixes the known issues

21 Sep 2020

1.Fixes the known issues

16 Sep 2020
1.Some functions depend on the version of the device. Please update the device to the latest version 
2.Optimizes HomeKit name synchronization 
3.Supports searching for devices by name 
4.Supports filtering devices by type 
5.Adds the new icons on the device details page of the switch/plug 
6.Adjusts the camera album entrance to support viewing the album when the device is offline 
7.Optimizes the animation execution effect of the preset dynamic, and activates the dynamic at the first operation 
8.TVOC Air Quality Monitor supports setting device screen unit display 
9. Optimizes the issue where automations/scenes are cleared when the device is replaced under the same family hub 
10.Text optimization 

11.Fixes the known issues

3 Sep 2020
1.Copywriting optimization for Camera Hub G2H 

2.Fixes other known problems

19 Aug 2020
1.Text optimization. 
2.Optimizes registration process. 
3.Optimizes the automation text of double rocker switch. 
4.Optimizes the name rule settings of room devices. 
5.Wall switch supports the functions, such as wireless ON/OFF and power-off memory. 
6.Optimizes homepage card display 
7.Optimizes the Family Sharing function, and supports family members to modify room wallpaper 
8.Optimizes scene log, and supports to pull down logs to show details 
9.M1S gateway supports the Prevent Accidental Deletion function 

10.Adds more device icons

4 Aug 2020
1.Adds the scene nesting feature 
2.The "Security guard" feature supports advanced settings 
3.Optimizes room management and supports the sorting of default room 
4.Optimizes the user experience of Siri assistant 
5.Optimizes some prompt texts 
6.Optimizes the user experience of Smart Door Lock P100 
7.Enriches device icons 
8.Optimizes the user experience of Smart Camera G2H and supports the language switch between Chinese and English 
9.Optimizes the user experience of device updates 
10.Optimizes the animation effects of curtain control 

11.Fixes the known issues more

15 Jul 2020

Fixes some bugs.

7 Jul 2020
1. A new version of Security Guard 1.0 (original Home Alert) is launched. 
2.Optimizes HomeKit device binding. 
3.Optimizes interaction functions, such as homepage editing, camera pop-up window and so on. 

4.Supports the scene execution sequence.

23 Jun 2020

Optimal curve display

16 Jun 2020

Partial bug fixes

10 Jun 2020
1.Optimal curve display 
2.Homepage performance optimization 
3.Some copywriting optimization 

4.Fixes other known problems

19 May 2020
1.This is a new brand image, Aqara Home 2.0. 
2.The homepage is totally updated. This makes smart home management more convenient. 

3.Fixes other known problems.

7 May 2020
1. Optimizes the verification code interface, and adds the validity period. 
2. Updates Privacy Policy. 
3. Optimizes the login function, and the user experience issues of some models. 

4.Fixes other known problems.

1 Apr 2020

Fixes some bugs.

29 Mar 2020
1. Optimizes automation/scenes where copy function is added. 
2. Optimizes message push. 
3. Optimizes family sharing. 

4. Fixes some bugs.

11 Mar 2020
1. Message Center is added. 
2. Added home location, home time zone, and auto DST adjustment. 

3. Some functions optimizations and bug fixes.

2 Feb 2020

Partial bug fixes

25 Jan 2020

Partial bug fixes

23 Jan 2020
1.Experience optimization: device control on the homepage is optimized, pull-down operation of half-screen page is optimized, drag-and-drop sorting of automatic editing page is supported. 
2.Functionality optimization: the functions of clearing the home alert log and family sharing notification are added, and the start-up page is optimized. 

3.Known problems are fixed.