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Since its introduction in June 2015, Aqara® has rapidly grown into a leading smart home brand in China and North America. We currently rank as the largest provider of intelligent home solutions in China. Consumers consistently rank Aqara's elegant industrial design, high quality and cost efficiency as primary reasons for their adoption.

Aqara products can be deployed as a simple pair of devices, for example a light switch and lamp plug, or a full suite of products enabling automation of the entire home, including sensors, intelligent controllers, software APPs, and central server data services. Employing our large in-house software team, we have developed a powerful yet easy to use mobile phone app and advanced data analysis platform. Since Aqara launched its first product, we have achieved impressive growth selling more than 1 million units within a year, while enlarging our product category from 4 to 15 devices. At present, Aqara solutions satisfy demands in intelligent air-conditioning, security and lighting, and are already among the best in China's intelligent home furnishing market.

Based on the Latin words acutulua (clever) and ara (home), Aqara embodies our belief that the home will become more and more intelligent in the future. Aqara aims to enhance your home experience, increase comfort while reducing energy consumption, and tighten the connection between your personal preferences and your home environment.